The One Hack Every Netflix Lover Needs To Know

by Lily Feinn
Bloomberg/Bloomberg/Getty Images

The pleasure of a good Netflix-marathoning sesh can only be interrupted by one thing — and no, it’s not your butt falling asleep. If you thought it was impossible to figure out how to get Netflix to stop asking if you're “still watching," now there is a super quick fix, reports The Next Web . Say "goodbye" to that little message that pops up every few hours to remind you that you are quickly running out of episodes of your favorite series. The Flix Assist Google Chrome extension is the answer to your marathoning prayers — and it’s just in time for Season 2 of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt!

While Netflix knows that episode marathoning is an emerging trend, and can tell when exactly you get hooked on a show, they have yet to make a "marathon feature" part of their system. A survey Netflix conducted in 2013 found that 73 percent of people considered watching long stretches of television positive, and 61 percent do it regularly (though more recent surveys the numbers have grown).

If you're among those happy people, you can download the free Flix Assist, and it will automatically click the “continue watching” button for you, hands free! It is true that clicking a button only takes a few seconds and is just a minor inconvenience, but there is no reason to continue to subject yourself to it. Why risk having an existential moment every few hours? This isn't Hamlet — you shouldn't have to constantly ponder, "To watch another episode, or not to watch another episode" every hour or so. (Not to spoil the play, but we all know you're going to anyway.)

Mentalfloss also recommends getting the most out of your streaming service by downloading the Super Browse for Netflix. If you hover over the "super browse" tab, it will reveal a drop down list of extended categories and genres, like magic. This will make it even easier to find exactly what you want to watch! So next time you hunker down with your laptop and some snackz, these Chrome extensions should give you the best uninterrupted viewing experience!

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