When Kim Kardashian's Plan For Six Kids Meets Kanye West's Dislike of Diapers

As if news of baby North West weren't already plastered over every tabloid cover, Kim Kardashian announced today that she plans to quintuple that press intrigue, hoping for "about six children" with her soon-to-be husband Kanye West. Having given birth to her daughter last June, the reality star is still aglow with motherhood, calling these past months of stroller-pushing "amazing."

“Pregnancy was not a good experience for me. I had medical problems," she said in a recent interview in OK. "But North was worth it, she changes all the time. One day she'll look like Kanye, the next like me."

West has yet to weigh in on his fiancée's family plan, but part of her interview hints he might have a minor reason to fret. “Kanye is a hands-on dad. But he's not a diaper kind of guy. And that's OK. But he would if it was an emergency," says Kardashian. Great plan.

Let's be honest, with six kids, "emergencies" are likely to be an everyday (if not every hour) occurrence. But hey, with West's A.P.C. fashion line still going strong, there's a way to spin this to his advantage: Over $100 for a white t-shirt — why not $150 for a white cloth diaper?

Still, the prospect of so many new Westlings creates another sticky situation: With only four compass points at their disposal, Kimye will eventually have to get extra creative in their name punning. Personally, I vote "Wild," "Go," or — hear me out — "North-by-North." I mean, who ever went wrong with a Hitchcock reference?

Image: Getty Images