Here's When You Can Grab The Tinashe MAC Palette

by Julia Musto

Excellent news, everyone: The new Tinashe x MAC palette is out! It was launched on March 17 as part of MAC's "Future Forward" campaign in which they've collaborated with breakout artists like Dej Loaf and Halsey.

The 23 year-old R&B singer's palette is the first release and you can now snag it solely online for only $32. It's called the "Times Nine Palette," referencing the number of shadows you get in the kit. Each color borrows track names like "All Hands On Deck" and sticks to earthy and nighttime shades that jive with Tinashe's sultry sound and aesthetic on both her previous album and her new album Joyride.

On the palette page they describe them as "steely neutrals and simmering night shades [that offer] you countless, well-edited colour combinations with textures from matte to satin to frost." Could that sound more Tinashe? But, how much creative license did Tinashe actually have while designing the palette?

In an interview with Elle, she explained, "I was really intrigued by the chance to bring my creative vision to this. I got to design the packaging, pick out the colors and create something that I felt like I would use." In terms of the shades themselves she elaborated: "I kind of stuck with earth tones, which I'm really into. I kind of gravitated towards just different kinds of eye colors that I would experiment with or try."

Tinashe further noted that she pays more attention to her eyes than lips or skin, and mainly does her own makeup while on tour. So, if Tinashe knows makeup that well, this must be a sexy palette to snag!

In terms of each individual shade, here's the breakdown. There's "Gleam" which is a barely pinked gold, "Midnight Sun" which is a shimmering mocha, "Revelry" which is a mauve purple grey, "Vulnerable" that is soft purple, "Quarry" which is a matte plum brown, "Amethyst" that is deep purple with pink pearl, "Flame" which is a mint silver shimmer, "All Hands on Deck" which is a light green shimmer, and "Black Water" which is black with gold pearl. Talk about luxe! Most shade names are a reference to songs from her new album, so you can listen as you apply! Additionally, you can wear her palette to a concert on her world tour in the future.

Aren't the colors gorgeous? Here are a few reviews from makeup lovers to help you decide whether or not this palette is for you!

I, for one, am getting my hands on them ASAP.

Images: Tinashe, Instagram (1), Youtube (3)