The Worst Kid On This Week's '#RichKids'

There's a few things we learned from this week's episode of E!'s new reality show, Rich Kids Of Beverly Hills — and the first is to never invite your friends on your anniversary trip. This week, the #RichKids went to Cabo for Morgan and Brendan's anniversary — clearly they didn't learn from the cast of Vanderpump Rules and Laguna Beach that nothing good ever happens in Cabo — and things got all kinds of crazy. Mo' money, mo' problems, right people?

Things went generally alright at first: Morgan's friends supported her decision to spend $20,000 on a day trip on a 120 foot yacht. I mean, that's what friends are for, right? They clubbed, they danced, they got champagne showered, and went to a sushi dinner where Dorothy proved that she was the absolute WORST OF ALL TIME. We're not kidding.

Apparently, seven years ago, at the same sushi restaurant, Dorothy and Roxy had a huge argument over paying the bill for dinner. And if you haven't guessed already — they're still not over it. So when the bill came on Sunday's episode, Dorothy and Roxy duked it out and almost ruined Morgan's anniversary because well, selfishness. There was a lot of screaming, Morgan "hulked" out and then managed to organize a group hug three minutes later, and Dorothy decided she should cry forever because she felt bad about "ruining the weekend". (Well, you probably shouldn't be arguing over $30 from seven years ago, then, at your friend's anniversary dinner.)

As bad as Dorothy is, however, the best thing about Sunday night's episode was Morgan and Brendan being adorable. Honestly, I like Morgan a lot (even if she spent $20,000 without batting an eye). So when Brendan surprised her with a mariachi band and they talked about love and being so happy to share a moment together, I couldn't help but decide to be obsessed with them. Morgan & Brendan FOREVER.

But back to Dorothy being the absolute worst of all time — besides ruining the anniversary dinner and drunk-crying for the rest of the night (she did try to make up for it by ordering breakfast for everyone but still, the damage is done), here are her 3 worst quotes from Sunday night's "#yachtlife" episode:

About Morgan's Surprise Yacht For Brendan:

I get seasick on anything under 150.


About Eating Sushi On Sunday:

Only ranky bitches eat ranky fish.

She had a point about fish markets being closed on Sunday but still — ugh.

Last But Not Least:

It's a big deal if I take a selfie with you.


Image: E! Online