11 Best Flowers For Hair This Festival Season

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Floral crowns are basically an essential for any music festival, but you can still get that boho goddess look without spending tons on a pre-made crown. I've scouted out all the best flowers for hair that you can elegantly pin in yourself and channel all the hippie dream vibes. And, don't let me be the to stop you if you want to make the extra DIY effort and weave those blooms into a crown yourself.

Not all flowers are created equal, and there are a few key factors you want to consider before just buying any bouquet. To save money, The Knot pointed out how you'll want to think about what flowers are in season first and foremost, or go for a year-round variety.

An additional pro tip, hairstylist Italo Gregorio told Allure, "You want something with a sturdy stem and strong petals that won't wilt and look sad, like orchids or (my personal fave) gardenias, like the ones in Swanepoel's hair [at the 2015 MET gala]." He added that he loves flowers because, "They happen to smell amazing, and it's a wonderful feeling being enveloped in that every time you move."

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Following the advice above, I've pulled together all the best buds to reach for this spring and summer to tuck into your hair. For extra security, you can just pop a few bobby pins around each flower stem.

1. Lavender

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June through September is generally lavender season, and these hearty little blooms look amazing on their own or tucked into a larger crown.

2. Calla Lilies

HouseBeautiful shared how these are "a favorite of summer brides," and it's easy to see why. The striking hue of white will add an elegant touch to any look.

3. Orchids

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Orchids bloom year round, and are incredibly sturdy. You can stand in the sun all day without barely noticing any wilting.

4. Asiatic Lilies

For a tropical touch, asiatic lilies add a sweet burst of color.

5. Daisies

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The ultimate Woodstock-vibe flower, you can't go wrong with daisies.

6. Baby's Breath

Another year-round staple, tucking a sprig of baby's breath in your hair creates instant whimsical.

7. Spray Roses

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A Martha Stewart Weddings favorite, spray roses are incredibly capable of standing up to fierce sun rays.

8. Lisianthus

Another HouseBeautiful pick, lisianthus might look delicate, but is surprisingly sturdy.

9. Freesia

Freesia's stalks stand tall and are easy to tuck into a simple side bun.

10. Wax Flowers

These blooms burst out together and can be tucked into a bun or snipped into smaller buds to scatter throughout your locks.

11. Cherry Blossoms

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You only have a small window of time to use cherry blossoms (i.e. the month of April), but these beautiful blooms turn any hairstyle into a fairyland dream. I personally recommend just tucking one of the small blooms right by your ear.

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