7 Reasons To Let Your Armpit Hair Grow

Want to liberate yourself from the tedious habit of shaving your armpits? My friend, brace yourself for all the reasons to let your arm pit hair grow! From legit health reasons to humorous side notes, let 2016 be the year you toss that disposable razor for good.

I personally joined the no-shave team after what started as annoying and constant (painful) struggle with ingrown hairs and inflamed follicles after shaving my pits. To figure out what was going on, Dr. Scott Dunbar of Schweiger Dermatology Group in New York told me, "The armpit (or, the axilla if you want to be technical) contains millions of apocrine sweat glands that make different sweat than those on the rest of the body. These can become overrun with bacteria that cause odor or folliculitis." I stopped shaving to give my armpits a chance to heal, but then just never started again.

I'm only about a month into growing out my armpit hair and, I've got to say, it's a pretty freaking freeing experience now that I'm past the oh-so-sharp/itchy phase!

The longer I let my hair grow, the more reasons I discover why I should keep letting my pit hair get as gloriously long as possible. Scroll on and decide if you're up for tossing your razor, too!

1. No More Razor Burn

This is probably obvious, but no razor means NO RAZOR BURN. Yup, let that #truth sink in.

2. Less Shower Struggle Time

Again, obvious, but amazing. No pit shaving means you just cut your morning shower time by at least thirty-five seconds. Can I get a shout-out for water conservation right now?

3. You'll Attract Body Positive People

One of the awesome side effects of unshaved pits is how many rad people I've unexpectedly encountered that comment in a good way. It's been pretty nifty to find people that support not policing the bodies of women and viewing a natural body as sexy! And to the hairy pit haters, do really want them as friends and/or partners anyway?

4. You Can Play With Color

Scared to dye your hair hot pink, but love the idea? Channel Miley and pimp your pit hair instead!

5. You Can Try Glitter Pits

While you don't need hair to rock glittery pits, it just feels extra bold and fun to know you're fighting social norms with sparkles.

6. Avoiding Stank Is Easy

Nourishing Lavender Shampoo, $18, Avalon Organics

Longer pit hair doesn't automatically mean you'll be stinkier. Dr. Mona Gohara, associate clinical professor of dermatology at Yale University, told GoodHouseKeeping, "Provided you keep your underarms clean and treat the hair similarly to the hair on your head, washing it every day, bacteria will not accumulate and therefore won't cause any bad odors."

7. You'll Get Your Sexy On

NYMag shared a study that found, "armpit hair, which grows atop sweat glands, acts as a pheromone diffuser and helps spread your natural, irresistible scent to potential mates." BOM CHICKA BOW WOW

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