Your Ultimate Guide To Color Correcting

Skincare and foundation continues to be a major beauty trend for 2016, and the most recent craze to hit the masses is arguably color correcting with makeup. It's not exactly a new technique — you probably remember seeing green concealer sticks at the drugstore back in your high school days, and pros have been color correcting dark circles since practically forever — but it's recently gotten a whole new burst of popularity, thanks to a myriad of product launches from Lancôme to NYX and every brand in between.

But for a newbie, all those different shades of concealer can be rightfully intimidating. Even as someone who basically understands the color wheel, I'm still a little wary of slapping purple stuff all over my face. So I called in Jackie Seabrooke, an NYC-based makeup artist, to school us all in a little Color Correcting 101. Whether you're looking to hide pesky dark circles, tone down any redness, or brighten up your cheeks, she breaks down how to cover up the most common skin complaints on a wide variety of skin tones.

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