Dry Conditioner Might Be Your New Beauty BFF

By now, you've probably heard of (and maybe even swear by) dry shampoo, but something you may be a little less familiar with is dry conditioner. If you're wondering what dry conditioner is and are considering trading in your dry shampoo — hold up. These products aren't necessarily interchangeable.

Given that I only wash my hair once a week, dry shampoo is my saving grace, but I'm the first to admit it can definitely dry my hair out. When I heard about dry conditioner, I was considering chucking my dry shampoo and making a swap — but it doesn't work the same way as shampoo.

According to Natasha Sunshine of Byuti Salon and color ambassador for Pureology, dry conditioner is"a weightless aerosol hydrating formula that contains small conditioning molecules — [it can] swoop in and help freshen up your hair from midshaft to ends, making that part of your hair look and feel fluffy and hydrated before you wash it again." Sounds great, right? Hydrated hair is definitely desirable, but dry conditioner isn't going to take the oil out of your hair. You'll still need dry shampoo for that, so it's better to use these products together and not interchangeably.

It should also be noted that dry conditioner may not be strong enough for those with coarse or curly hair, and something like a serum or oil might be better for hydration.

If you want to try dry conditioner, here are eight to shop.

1. Drybar

Detox Dry Conditioner, $23,

This product is basically life-changing. It smoothes, hydrates, and detangles hair in between washes. A miracle, basically.

2. CHI

Dry Conditioner, $18,

If you love your Chi flatiron, then try this dry conditioner.

3. Oscar Blandi

Dry Conditioner Spray, $25,

This weightless spray will give your hair extra shine.

4. Kardashian Beauty

Take 2 Dry Conditioner, $14.99,

If it's good enough for the Kardashians, you definitely want to try it.

5. Pureology

Fresh Approach Dry Conditioner, $24,

This one is great for color treated hair.

6. Hempz Couture

Haute Mess Dry Conditioner, $18.95,

Have split ends? This will help smooth them.

7. Eva NYC

Forget Me Knot Dry Conditioner, $1.87,

Detangle while adding softness and shine to your hair.

8. Amika

Dry Conditioner, $10,

This conditioner will protect and nourish your strands.

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Images: Milles Studio/Stocksy; Ulta; Sephora