'Gilmore Girls' Fanfiction Predicts The Future Of Luke & Lorelai's Relationship

If you're anything like me, you're very sensible and believe the Internet has quasi-magical powers that allow it to basically do everything, whether "everything" means saving lives or saving weddings. So, obviously, the World Wide Web can handle something as small fry as predicting the romantic future for a much-loved fictional couple. And what better source is there to go to for predictions about Stars Hollow's most "Will they? Won't they?" pairing than to fanfiction? Fans have been predicting Luke and Lorelai's fate in fanfiction since Gilmore Girls first made them a thing.

Sure, I sense your rabid skepticism through my screen. But think of it like this: fans who write fanfiction are the most detail-fixated, enthusiastic entertainment devotees of all. They've watched and re-watched their favorite show or film a million more times than you have. They've debated ambiguities of plot and character in forums. They've held court in chatrooms. They've thought about the show a whole lot more than anyone else, which makes them the ideal candidates to look to in our time of need. Our lives are replete with pre-Gilmore Girls excitement, but suffer from a lack of concrete information as to plot points.

How can I get a quiet night's sleep, not knowing if Luke and Lorelai's eternal souls are twined together or if Lorelai's busy hitting up Stars Hollows' choicest bachelors on Tinder after a fight with Luke? Take it away, fan-fiction scribes.

The Sexting Theory: Coffeedrinker's Take

Interpretation: Luke and Lorelai not only are meant for each other, they start the new series off as a long-married couple. But don't sweat it: their years of matrimony haven't dampened the physical tension between them. They keep things caliente between the sheets by harnessing modern technology. You heard it here first: forget sex toys, use your smartphone.

The Fairytale Happy Ending: shes cured's Take

Interpretation: This fan masterpiece, which takes place just a matter of hours after the final kiss of the series, is pure, shameless wish fulfillment: Lorelai and Luke resolve their issues spanning years and years with one honest and emotional conversation. Fingers crossed it's this one.

The Advantageous Real Estate Match: Hales96's Take

Interpretation: Luke and Lorelai's match turns out to have wider positive effects than their emotional fulfillment. Namely, it is what results in Rory making Stars Hollow her home again when she bags the hottest piece of real estate in town — the cosy flat above the diner — for a bargain bucket price.

Whatever the new series brings for Luke and Lorelai, we can be sure of one thing and one thing only: there's no way the screenwriters are breaking these two up again, whether they're brought together by steamy embraces or shouting at each other on their way down the aisle.

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