The One Jacket You Need This Spring

When the weather gets warmer, the last thing that anyone usually wants to think about is wearing a jacket. In fact, we tend to shed our outer layers a little prematurely — but that's probably just because we don't have one amazing, springtime jacket to grab and easily toss over any look we've got going on. Until now, that is.

For those of you who want to put a stop to shivering past 6 p.m. on chilly spring nights, I present to you: The bomber jacket.

The bomber jacket is the one jacket you need for the season, because it comes in a variety of styles, cuts, and materials. Find one in jersey and you've got yourself the perfect outer layer for your athleisure gear. Get a delicate version in crepe, and throw it over your office look without having to worry about working up a sweat during a sunny lunch break. Or, find a statement bomber to bring any of your nighttime outfits to the next level. No matter what kind of spring look you're going for, there's a bomber jacket just waiting for you to throw on over it. It's the perfect way to stay comfortable. Not to mention look pretty damn cool, all spring long.

1. Springtime Stripes

Striped Bomber Jacket, $90, Lane Bryant

This unconventional monochrome print would look great with all-black, or thrown over a bright, contrasting outfit.

2. Chic Leather

Leather Pilot Jacket, $149, H&M

I wear my leather bomber until summer, and if you want to make any old outfit look like you intentionally styled yourself up for the day, I suggest you do, too.

3. Acid Washed

ASOS Bomber Jacket in Washed Denim, $93, ASOS

Edgy and easy to wear, this youthful jacket would look great on you during long, boozy Saturday brunches.

4. Statement Embroidery

Two-In-One Reversible Sateen Bomber Jacket, $30, T op Shop

For those of you who have a real commitment to the sporty bomber look. Bonus: It's reversible!

5. Whimsical Prints

Oscar Retro Bomber Jacket, $300, Nasty Gal

Because how cute are those teeny-tiny cacti?

6. Office Casual

Eloise Crepe Bomber, $26, B oo Hoo

This is a stripped down bomber look in a breezy fabric, and it's just professional enough to amp up any office attire you've got going on.

7. Casual Mesh

ASOS Bomber Jacket in Mesh, $47, ASOS

It's the perfect bomber jacket for those who don't want to fully commit to actually wearing a bomber jacket.

8. Quilted Military

Quilted MA1 Bomber Jacket, $100, Top Shop

Classic, quilted, and cozy enough to keep you warm when the spring temperatures drop unexpectedly — because you know they always do.

9. Luxe Fringe

Can't Quilt You Bomber Jacket, $98, Nasty Gal

Fringe, we just don't know how to quit you.

10. Longline Cool

Amber MA1 Longline Bomber, $44, B oo Hoo

A bomber look with a little more coverage would be perfect for tossing over those leggings that you know are see-through but love anyways.

11. Springtime Sweetness

Faux Suede Bomber Jacket, $38, Forever21

The bomber for the girliest girl you know.

12. Classically Casual

ASOS Curve Ultimate Bomber Jacket, $37, ASOS

There's nothing you can really argue about this simple black jersey bomber. It will basically go with everything.

13. Bright White

So Bomber Jacket, $68, Nasty Gal

The bomber for women who don't take public transportation and prefer white wine over red.

14. Cardigan Inspired

Loris Varsity MA1 Bomber, $21, Boo Hoo

This bomber is great because it can be worn like a cozy cardigan without sacrificing the edgy aesthetic of the original silhouette. The contrasting cuffs and collar ain't bad, either.

15. Animal Instinct

Luxe Faux Leopard Fur Bomber, $35, Forever21

Because try as you might, you can never convince yourself that you have enough leopard.

16. Minimal Chic

Ponte Bomber Jacket in Grey Marl, $16, M issGuided

Here the classic bomber is deconstructed for a more minimal aesthetic, and I'm not mad at it at all.

17. The Golden Ticket

Contrast Rib Satin Bomber Jacket, $34, missguided

The website describes it as khaki, but with that sheen I'm thinking this is the golden coat of your dreams.

18. Wild Prints

Patterned Pilot Jacket, $15, H&M

Because if you're going to wear a trend, go big or go home.

19. Dusty Pink

Satin Bomber Jacket, $95,

This is like your favorite nude lipstick in jacket form.

20. Simple Scuba

Scuba Knit Bomber Jacket, $38, Forever21

Menswear-inspired and made in a warm scuba material.

21. Pink Lady

Plus Size Lucy MA1 Bomber Jacket, $35, BooHoo

Perfect for the person who always wanted to hang with Rizzo from Grease.

22. Longline Leisure

Boohoo Plus Longline Bomber Jacket, $68, Boohoo

Another oversized, comfy, utilitarian look of your dreams.

23. Nude Silk

Plus Size Silk Finish Bomber Jacket, $34, MissGuided

A perfect topper for a monochrome outfit — and it would look luxe with all-white, too.

24. Slick Satin

Satin Pilot Jacket, $60, H&M

There's something super sexy about this look, all the while being painfully casual. In other words, I'll take three.

25. Athleisure Aesthetics

Puma Bomber Sweater, $75, ASOS

This Puma bomber is perfect for the gym... and and brunch, and work, and basically anywhere else you go in a given day.

26. Contrast Sleeves

Ray Bomber Jacket, $69, Nasty Gal

Sometimes I think that contrast sleeves have already had their moment, but jackets like these make me think again.

27. Dramatic Florals

Jacquard Weave Pilot Jacket, $70, H&M

Finally: A floral so dramatic that it could only be worn by an epic human being such as yourself.

The bomber is a great way to take your wardrobe into the warmer months, as it's cool enough to wear during warm days and warm enough to wear during cool nights. That combined with a classic silhouette means you can't go wrong, so choose your bomber wisely. Or, you know, buy them all.

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Images: Courtesy Brands