9 Easy Hairstyles That Make Thin Hair Look Full

Thin hair doesn't have to be boring. In fact, there are several hairstyles that will instantly make your thin hair look fuller. It's all about simple styling tricks that will take your hair from limp and lazy to full and flirtatious in just a matter of minutes. The best part? Anyone can do them. You don't have to be a hair styling master to pull off any of these looks. All you may need is a teasing comb and few bobby pins to recreate most of these gorgeous styles.

If you're looking to boost your strands instantly, BuzzFeed suggested to start by changing your part. This will instantly plump up the look of your strands as it goes against the grain of what your hair is use to doing. In just a simple flip, you can transform your look. Another great way to enhance your thin strands is to invest in velcro rollers. These are amazing at creating volume at the root, and giving you an effortless looking hairstyle. Think beach babe, but better. It's a dream come true for those of us with thinner locks. Wondering how else you fake fuller looking strands? Here are nine easy-to-do hairstyles that make thin hair look full.

1. Bouncy Ponytail

Typically, ponytails can exaggerate the look of thin hair. However, with the right amount of teasing and pulling even the finest of hair can look thick and luscious in this hairstyle.

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2. Milkmaid Updo

Fake your way to fuller looking hair by creating this gorgeous updo with milkmaid braids. If you want even more texture and volume, tease your hair before braiding to pump up the height of the hair.

Try: Amika Un.Done Texture Spray, $27.50, Amazon

3. Messy Bun

Like ponytails, messy buns can be tricky to pull off with thinner hair. However, the beauty world has your back, ladies. Simply grab a rat-tail comb to tease, or even use a sock to plump up your strands.

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4. Braided Crown

Because every woman deserves a crown, obviously.

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5. Twisted Updo

Grab a sock, ladies. It's about to get real.

6. Big Curls

Get Beyoncé-level hair with this easy-to-follow hair tutorial.

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7. Natural Perfection

If you're natural hair is looking less than stellar, turn up the volume by simply using a blowdryer. It's that easy.

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8. Braided Side Part

Here's a style that is perfect for anyone in a time crunch. It seriously takes less than five minutes to do.

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9. Fresh Spiral Updo

Take your thin, curly strands to the next level with this flirty updo.

See? You don't have to live your life with boring, flat hair. Pump up the volume with any of these easy-to-do hairstyles.

Images: Pixabay (1)