4 April Fools' Day Pranks To Play On Social Media

by Jessica Learish

April Fools' Day has more in common with Halloween than you might expect — while you won't find sexy Bernie Sanders costumes around every corner this Friday, the stakes are infinitely higher in the age of social media, and they can both be super scary, if you're the gullible type. And because I know you don't want to experience FOMO over freaking out your friends and followers, I've got four easy April Fools' Day social media pranks that you can play online.

The Internet has turned a once relatively benign day of prank phone calls and pre-coordinated mass tardiness into a free for all of pregnancy announcements, outrageous corporate press releases, and genuine sounding remembrances of the possibly still living. It's almost too easy to prank people online because, even if you're a terrible liar, you can compose a pretty convincing post with the right amount of finesse. My advice to you — don't believe anything you read on Friday, and maybe save any legitimate announcements for the weekend.

And considering that this year comes standard with loads of topical fodder, the pranks almost write themselves. Say goodbye to the tired old engagement pranks, and hello to an April Fools' Day 2016-style. Here are four jokes to post to social media that will keep everyone on their toes.

1. "I'm starting to think that Trump isn't so bad."

Terrify your friends with this amazing concession that no one will see coming. You can even add some extra pizazz to your post by sharing a link to an infotainment piece from an outlet that supports the controversial politician.

2. "I've been hired to do [insert job] at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio."

Then sit back and enjoy your friends' attempts at being happy for you.

3. "Hey, I was thinking these would be great bridesmaid dresses!"

Engaged ladies, here's your time to shine. Although, if your bridesmaids are savvy, they might prank you back by pretending to actually like said horrible dresses.

4. "Guys, is it just my account or is the new Game of Thrones already up on HBOGo?"

Anyone who believes this will be so. mad. at. you.

Happy trolling, you April fools.

Images: Jamie Grill Atlas/Stocksy; Giphy (4)