When Does Aaron Sorkin's 'A Few Good Men' Air? Get Ready For A Long Wait

If you love theater but don't have the funds to fuel your Broadway obsession — or the means to get to New York City even when a play like Hamilton comes calling — then you are likely very happy about the new trend that is taking over our television sets. According to TV Guide, NBC will air a live performance of stage play A Few Good Men, and this straight play has a seriously good pedigree behind it. According to reports, Aaron Sorkin, who wrote the original play and adapted it to the big screen in 1992, will bring this live play to the small screen. So when will Sorkin's A Few Good Men air? We may have to wait for it.

Television networks are all about the live play, and have recently turned televised theatrical shows into events that rival the stuff found on the Great White Way. While networks have so far stuck with musical adaptations like Fox's Grease and NBC's The Sound Of Music, the latter is now branching out into straight drama. A Few Good Men is about a murder within the Marines and the ensuing trial. The play and later the film examines the often challenging power dynamic within the military as well as what it means to have honor, not only within the Marines, but outside of its often flawed system.

The play, which features an act of hazing that leads to the death of a Marine, was described in a statement by NBC Chairman Robert Greenblatt as an "electrifying play" that is "as timely as ever." Unfortunately, despite the play's timeliness, Sorkin fans may have to wait to see this adaptation hit television: according to USA Today, A Few Good Men isn't set to air until early 2017.

Though we'll have to wait to see if the adaptation of A Few Good Men is a success, it is definitely exciting to hear that NBC is moving into staged dramas in addition to musicals. With Hollywood heavyweights like Sorkin taking the reins, TV might be able to hold us over until the next time we can make it to the theater.