5 April Fools' Day Food Pranks To Play On Friends

by Jessica Learish

If you love watching your friends recoil in unexpected disgust, the best April Fools' Day pranks that you can pull this Friday are pranks that mess with their taste buds. Food-related pranks are likely the most Instagram friendly of all practical jokes, although you might lose a friend if you prank someone that gets hangry (PSA to all my friends reading this). Here are some April Fools' Day food pranks to play on your friends and coworkers, because you literally can't spell April Fools' Day without Food Play.

I took a Harry Potter personality test once, and it told me that I was the most similar to Fred and George Weasley, so obviously, I'm the right person to be advising your springtime adventures in compulsory practical joking. The essence of a great food-related prank is the element of surprise. Leaving tempting looking treats for an unsuspecting would-be thief or disguising something awful as something delicious, or both, are tried and true methods for pulling off a high quality food prank. Luring the prankee into a trap makes the joke doubly rewarding, as they then have to deal with the regular old embarrassment of being pranked on top of the psychological shame of having done it to themselves, and you are left with that rare and scrumptious combination of the last laugh and the moral high ground.

Or, you could keep things simple and promise your coworkers free food only to serve up a big punchline when Friday's lunch hour rolls around.

Here are some food-related pranks to play this April Fools' Day.

1. Ice cream sundae made out of frozen mayo

Frozen mayonnaise reportedly looks exactly like vanilla ice cream. Serve your victim a cold bowl of creamy... mayo, and watch as they're sent spiraling into a vinegar-induced panic.

2. Swap the Oreo filling for toothpaste

This prank takes a little work in advance, but, in the name of Zonko's, are the results convincing.

3. Bake up some not-so-sweet cupcakes

This prank from Willow Bird Baking is more deceptive than mean, because despite the unsweet nature of these cupcakes, they're still delicious, just in a totally different way. If you look closely, the cake is actually deep dish pizza dough (it's stuffed with mozzarella, goat cheese, pepperoni, and pizza sauce) topped with ricotta cheese and a cherry tomato. Your victim will undoubtedly get a jolt of surprise when these sweet treats turn out to be Chicago-style pizzas in a cupcake wrapper.

4. Pour a cold glass of EZ Mac orange juice

This prank is the direct retaliation for the Oreo prank from before, and it's just as gross and maybe slightly more evil. At least mint and chocolate are something people actually eat. Orange juice and powdered cheese are a combination no one wants to experience.

5. Unscrew the tops of the shakers

Unscrew the tops, perch the tops back on the shakers, and lie in wait. You can even deny that this one was you forever, if that's the kind of prank you're in the market for.

Images: Willow Bird Baking (2); Fotolia (1, 2)