Peaceful Protest After No Indictment In Clark Case

The shooting death of 24-year-old Jamar Clark sent a spasm through the community of Minneapolis, Minnesota last November. It was the latest addition to a growing list of black men killed by police officers. Clark was killed after a dispute with officers, during which they claimed he tried to grab one of their guns, but other witnesses allege that Clark was handcuffed at the time. Though the details of the incident were disputed among Clark's family, witnesses, and officers, one fact remained clear: A young man died. And with his passing came a fresh wave of protests from those who felt his story represented the racial injustice within a broken system.

These protests culminated in an 18-day encampment outside one of the city's police precincts, as well as clashes between officers and protesters in the streets. And with Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman announcing on Wednesday that there would be no charges filed against the two officers involved in the incident, activists once again took to the streets to protest.

Protesters have flooded the streets since the verdict was released Wednesday afternoon, hoping that their demonstrations will cause an impact on the state of injustice they feel they have witnessed. The case is likewise still being investigated by the state and the U.S. Justice Department.

These photos offer a glimpse into the power of protest. With justice seemingly not coming from within the courthouse, these activists show how to take that justice to the streets.