These 'Parenthood' Stars Share a Common Obsession

Of all the things we love about Parenthood (and there's a lot), one of the best is the closeness of its cast on and off the screen. From "siblings" Mae Whitman and Miles Heizer living as roommates to Dax Shepherd tweeting his support of TV wife Joy Bryant to the only-slightly-creepy romance between Lauren Graham and fake brother Peter Krause, the Parenthood cast has proven the Braverman family's closeness is no act. The ensemble seems to genuinely like one another, and they're not afraid to show it — just ask TV cousins real-life friends Whitman and Sarah Ramos, who just released a tribute video to Taylor Swift's "Everything Has Changed."

The less than minute-and-a-half long video, uploaded onto Youtube on Sunday by an account called "KoverTown," features Whitman and Ramos acting out the lyrics to one of Swift's biggest singles. There's no question it's weird — Whitman dances around and plays the Swift character while Ramos, complete with drawn-on freckles, takes on the Ed Sheeran part of the song — but it's also pretty funny; something about Ramos' Batman t-shirt and Whitman's Taylor Swift-emblazoned blanket make you know not to take it too seriously.

But boy, do they. The Parenthood stars undoubtedly put a good amount of effort into making the video, judging by the several costume changes and segments in which Ramos sits high in a tree, among other elements. Their commitment to bringing Swift's song to life is impressive, but not surprising; both actresses have expressed their love for the singer in the past, with Whitman having done a more low-key Swift tribute before and Ramos' Twitter background being no less than a screenshot from Swift's segment of Valentine's Day. And in an interview with The Daily Beast back in 2011, Whitman had shared her desire to get Swift on Parenthood, saying that they "want her in the Luncheonette."

Um, YES. The only thing better than getting Swift to make a guest appearance on Parenthood? Having Ramos come back first. The actress has been MIA from the show since the beginning of the fourth season, and it's due time for her to make a reappearance. Perhaps Whitman, a Parenthood regular, can pull some strings and get her real-life friend back on the show; getting to see Amber and Haddie together in a Youtube video is nice, but not the same as seeing them on TV every week, sitting down for Braverman family dinner and swapping stories about their crazy parents.

Image: YouTube https://youtu.be/2URtESlzP6E