When Does Beyonce’s Ivy Park Clothing Line Come Out? Circle This Date On Your Calendar

Beyonce's new co-founded clothing line, Ivy Park, is an effortlessly cool athleisure line that will look just as amazing in the gym as it will on the street. It celebrates strength and endurance. And, well, basically everyone's already counting down the minutes until they can shop these wares, wondering when Beyonce's Ivy Park clothing line is coming out. Don't expect to be waiting for long, because the collection drops a lot sooner than you may expect.

According to the Ivy Park website, the range will be available to shop on Apr. 14. Yes, you read that correctly. No excessively long wait here, because you can call a piece of Ivy Park yours in only just two weeks (if it doesn't sell out instantly, that is). Indeed, the Ivy Park collection will be coming out in exactly two weeks. So mark your calendars and set your alarm clocks, because this release is big news!

Beyonce announced the new activewear line on Thursday with a post on her own personal Instagram in which she tagged the Ivy Park account. While official product images have yet to be released, as well as prices, both the promotional video and campaign images on the site point to a range full of cool, stylish, and functional athleisure pieces that range from sports bras, leggings, jackets, body suits, and accessories like socks and headbands.

With the cool designs and their empowering "strong beyond measure" message, not to mention Beyonce as the co-founder, there's no doubt that Ivy Park will gain more and more traction before it's release date and end up being super popular. Dare I say it could even sell out? Well, I guess we'll just have to wait two weeks to see!

So, if you haven't already, circle Apr. 14 on your calendar and write IVY PARK in big bold letters over that square. Because you know you're craving a piece of this collection. Check out IvyPark.com for more information about retailers, and be sure to follow the brand on Instagram, @weareivypark, for updates.

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Images: Ivy Park