The List Of MuvaMoji Is Extensive, So Here Are Amber Rose’s Most Useful Offerings

Step aside Kim Kardashian, because your Kimoji have some major competition in Amber Rose's MuvaMoji. Released on Thursday and available through the iTunes app store and Google Play for only $1.99 (and only available to those over the age of 17), Rose is offering her fans over 900 new emoji to add to their phones. That's right, over 900 emoji. It definitely sounds a bit overwhelming, but that's where I step in. There's no doubt the list includes several emoji that will be talked about (like this Bill Cosby MuvaMoji or this "Free Kesha" one), but there are also MuvaMoji that are useful for everyday situations.

As a lover of emoji, sometimes I get sick of using the same ones over and over again. I like to keep my texts fresh. Not to mention, sometimes I'm trying to express something and there just isn't an emoji that will do my text justice. Thankfully, Rose has changed all of that. She's clearly thought of phone users like myself who have been waiting for a "make it rain" emoji or one of a bottle of Corona. Seriously, how sweet is that?

MuvaMoji truly has it all when it comes to infinitely improving your texts. With that, let's check out the ones that are most useful.

When You Need Coffee, Stat

All day, every day.

When You Get Paid

It's time to make it rain!

When You're Trying To Get Through Work

Deep breaths and yoga are sometimes the answer.

When You're Heading To The Gym

Sending a MuvaMoji of a treadmill is so much easier than typing out, "I'm going to the gym."

When You Need A Stiff Drink

For when that yoga emoji isn't enough.

When You're Craving Junk Food

Sometimes you need candy, sometime you need a fried baked good. MuvaMoji has both covered.

When You Think About Dinner

Let's face it, you'll either order in Chinese or make Pop-Tarts. Anything else is just too much work.

Whenever You Spend Money

The struggle is real every time you swipe that credit card and realize you might not be able to add guacamole on the side.

When Someone Asks About Your Weekend Plans

It's nothing to be ashamed of.

When You Wake Up After A Night Out

Imagine how much time and energy you'll save by sending this single MuvaMoji rather than typing out how horrible you feel.

When You're Trying To Ignore Someone Via Text

AKA stop talking to me.

These are only a handful of useful MuvaMoji, so definitely check them out!

Images: MuvaMoji (13)