Your Tastebuds Can't Handle This Sushi Burger

There are many amazing food combos out there: chocolate and peanut butter, pizza and wine, Nutella and everything... but this sushi burger hybrid may perhaps take the cake (or, uh, the bun). While most of us already knew about the majesty that is the sushi burrito (and if you didn't, it's time to get your life game up), I'm happy to say that the Internet has unveiled what might just be an even more appetizing alternative — and I didn't think that was even possible.

Hailing from the food blog "So Beautifully Raw," sushi burgers are the incredible union of a burger set up (the rice gets molded into the shape of a bun) and the ingredients of some seriously fantastic sushi (think: avocado, pickled ginger, red cabbage, jackfruit, and so on). The possibilities are endless, though the blog does admit that it can be "messy" to eat (but who doesn't love a good challenge?). It's advised that people use chopsticks or a fork to get through it, though it does seem a lot more exciting if you really tried to eat it like a burger.

Barcelona-based food blogger Carmen Martínez shares images of his creations often, including photos of chicken katsu sushi burgers, which feature Japanese curry sauce, seaweed garnish, and the like. If you're hankering for a bite though, you might have to head down under: one notable restaurant serving sushi burgers is J's Cafe in Melbourne, Australia. The Telegraph reports that chefs and food fanatics around the world have been creating their own variations of the burger, and that it's only a matter of time before it's widely available. So while it's likely there are a few places in your vicinity that could have hopped on board (or are otherwise on the verge of doing so) you can still try to create a lookalike yourself.

Though the blogosphere has created some really amazing looking variations of the sushi burger, it's not actually a new idea. Originating back in 1987 in Japan's MOS Burger (which is a fast food chain), the original concept was just to make a burger but with buns made of tightly packed rice. The rest, you could say, is history.

So while designer burgers aren't exactly a new trend, using sushi to create them definitely is becoming more and more popular. (Remember the burritos. Actually, never stop thinking about those burritos.) It might not be a first date food (too messy, too risky, there's no way to make soy sauce on your pants look cute) it's definitely something awesome to try and to keep your eyes peeled for because if this sushi trend continues (and I really hope it does), this is probably just the beginning of the sushi-themed madness that awaits us.

Image: Courtesy of sobeautifullyraw/Instagram