The One Foundation You Need For Summer

by Alexa Dragoumis

When it comes to foundation, I usually say no thank you. Being in my '20s with fairly even skin, I’m a firm believer that there isn’t much a little concealer can’t fix. And to be completely honest, I worry that regular use of foundation will make me break out — especially during the warmer months when I'm more prone to sweating. However, one product recently changed all that for me. If your goal is airbrushed, blemish-free skin and you'd love a product that won't rub off onto your white blouses, VirginN Pure Minerals is the one foundation you need for summer.

In case you aren't familiar, VirginN Pure Minerals is a line known for its all natural foundation developed by practicing aesthetician Tonja Lee-Valdez. Since a skincare professional created the products, I felt I had nothing to lose by giving them a try. Fast-forward a couple of months – I was totally hooked – and my skin looks better than ever. Now, a year after I began using the foundation and flawless finish powder duo, my breakouts are minimal, my skin is always perfectly hydrated and my dark spots are almost completely gone.

So what's the secret? Silk peptides. "The silk in the products allows the skin to breathe, locking moisture in while keeping bacteria out," Lee-Valdez tells me over the phone. "This makes our foundation safe for blemish coverage and great for long wear. The amino acids in the silk also calms the skin, minimizing redness and swelling." Pretty amazing, right? And take a look below how powdery and light the product is.

VirginN Pure Mineral Powder Foundation, $38,

While the foundation is only available in six shades, but it actually matches a variety of skin tones. The technology of the silk peptides gives Valdez's products the ability to match up to two tones of difference based on the pH of your skin. Since the foundation is sold primarily online, finding the perfect match can be tricky, but VirginN makes it easy. The company offers live video consults on their website, or the option to email a selfie to the team to help answer color questions before you purchase.

When applying the products, I get the best results using the flawless finish powder as both a primer and a finisher. I use a kabuki brush to apply a thin layer of flawless finish, apply my foundation with the same brush, and then use the finishing powder once more at the end. The first layer of helps set the foundation and the final layer helps the makeup last all day while minimizing visibility of pores and fine lines. The result is a soft, airbrushed look without the heavy feel of an average foundation. If you need proof, here's what it looks like on:

Do you see any dark circles? Nope! Because it works that well. To see a few more before and afters, check out the brand's web page here.

And here’s a secret: if you wet the brush, you can also use the foundation as a concealer! When you dab a dampened brush into the minerals, they become a liquid consistency, ideal for covering up blemishes or dark circles.

You get all the cosmetic benefits of a classic foundation plus sweat-proof properties and you'll still be blemish-free! Told you this was the one foundation you'd need during the warmer months!

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Images: Virginn Pure Minerals, Alexa Dragoumis/Bustle