Is Halsey x Mac #Future Forward Lipstick Sold Out?

by Alexa Dragoumis

Remember that rockstar shade of blue lipstick from the Halsey x MAC collaboration that was revealed last month? Well, in just 24 hours it came out and sold out. That's right! Fans had some strong reactions to the #FutureForward collaboration. The good news is that the company seems to be keeping up with demand, as it appears that Halsey's grey shade is available again on the MAC Website. As for the blue, well... I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a re-stock!

Even though blue and grey lipsticks are undoubtedly bold choices, the collaboration seems to have been a huge success so far. In fact, fans are already blowing up social media to find out when items will be restocked. With Coachella soon to be gracing us with its presence, Halsey's bold shades are even higher in demand.

But aside from her obsession with MAC and the obvious success of her products, Halsey opened up in an interview with Women's Wear Daily sharing why she enjoys being a lipstick designer — and the answer wasn't what I expected. "The coolest thing about it is that somewhere one of my fans who bought this or someone who just loves color, could be having their first kiss or going to prom and there’s a little tube of me going around in their purse, and that’s sick," says Halsey, "To think that they are going to have some memory that involves this lipstick, is really cool."

In case you haven't seen it, here's Halsey is rocking her grey lipstick in the photo below:

Charley Gallay/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

And the first photo we ever saw was posted to her Instagram, where she rocks the blue...

See what the fans are going crazy about now? Well as promised, let's have a re-cap of some of those reactions...

Fans Started Tweeting Before It Hit The Stands

I sure hope they got their hands on some lipstick.

Some People Literally Stayed Up All Night


Fans Are Begging Mac For A Re-stock

You know it's a big deal when capslock happens! Keep tweeting for a blue re-stock!

Halsey promoted her new collaboration just 21 hours ago, but it looks like the product is selling itself...

Watch out Kylie Jenner, looks like your lip kits have some healthy competition!

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