Where Was The Kylie Glosses Video Filmed?

Anyone who's a fan of beauty has probably heard of Kylie Lip Kits by now. Since the line of liquid matte lipsticks and liners has come out, the makeup world hasn't stopped talking about it. And now there's one more Kardashian-approved thing to obsess over; Kylie Jenner just dropped the "Glosses" music video, which both broke the Internet and announced the new set of — yes, you guessed it — her Kylie Lip Kit glosses. It's all at once everything you would expect from a Kylie music video and completely unique.

The glosses appear to be super pigmented and incredibly high shine to the same level that the original Lip Kits are matte. You've never seen glossier glosses than these, my friends. And if you have, you certainly haven't seen them debuted in a music video. While a lot of details about the music video are still a mystery (is that Kylie singing?), the question of where the music video was filmed seems to have a straight-forward answer. From the looks of the palm trees and the overall dessert vibe, Glosses was almost definitely filmed in California — maybe Joshua Tree National Park? The specifics are unclear, but given that it's a member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan and it's a high profile music video, odds are California is the general locale of the set.

See what I mean about the dessert vibes?

Like I said, it's hard to say definitely where the video was filmed, but the more of the video you watch, the more you'll probably lean towards the California guess as well.

Watch for yourself and take your stab at guessing the location. And if you want to snag a gloss, the line goes on sale on April 1, according to the video.