Go And Tell Indiana's Governor About Your Period

by Karen Yuan

Hi, Governor, my name is Karen. Just want to let you know I'm not pregnant and my uterus is doing well. OK, take care! In reaction Indiana's anti-abortion bill, one savvy pro-choice advocate (who has thus far chosen to remain anonymous) launched the Facebook page Periods for Pence to encourages Indiana women to call Gov. Mike Pence to update him on the details of their menstrual cycles. Last week, Pence signed into law the controversial Indiana legislation, which bans abortions based on fetal abnormalities, as well as the race or sex of the fetus. The idea behind the Facebook page was simple: Since Pence is clearly so concerned about what goes on down there, women would do him a favor by telling him.

"I wanted to give a voice for women who really didn’t feel like they were given any kind of input into a bill that would affect our life so much," the page's creator to ABC's RTV6. She said the feedback has been positive, and with over 3,000 likes on the page, that's visible. "Just really want the governor to understand that women do have a voice in Indiana."

And so do their uteruses. Periods for Pence fans have called the governor's office, and for some strange reason, the office hasn't been that enthusiastic about it.

If Pence wants to bring politics into periods, it looks like the women of Indiana will reciprocate by bringing periods into politics. According to the page creator, men have called on behalf of their girlfriends, as well.

While in the past, Facebook-originated activism has been criticized for being ineffective and self-aggrandizing, this is activism at its best: peaceful, attention-grabbing, and incredibly creative. It is too early to determine if the page will have any impact on policy, but in the meantime, the calls continue flowing in (pun absolutely intended). If you feel an urge to call about your own period, I'm sure the governor's office can't wait to know.

And it's been a while since my own update, so — still not pregnant, Gov. Pence!