Clinton Is "So Sick" Of Sanders' "Lies" — VIDEO

by Celia Darrough

In a video posted online by Greenpeace USA, Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton said she's "so sick" of Bernie Sanders' campaign "lying" about her. It was a rare moment that showed the candidate truly losing her patience. Sanders' campaign has absolutely ramped up criticisms of her lately, prompting her chief strategist to refuse a debate, citing Sanders' "negative tone" and negative ads as the reason. But it's not clear whether the Greenpeace activist is even a Sanders supporter — she was just asking about fossil fuel companies and their money.

Clinton was at a rally at State University of New York at Purchase when she walked by the crowds. One Greenpeace activist pressed the former secretary of state on climate change and if she's accepted money from fossil fuel companies, and, well, Clinton had had about enough of it. "I do not have that kind of money from people who work for fossil fuel companies," Clinton said, before vehemently adding, "I am so sick. I am so sick of the Sanders' campaign lying about me. I'm sick of it."

According to, Clinton's 2016 campaign has not accepted any donations from fossil fuel companies of any sort, whether it be oil or gas. She has, however, accepted donations from people who work for those kinds of companies.

The insistent activist referred to a pledge about presidential candidates not taking money from the fossil fuel industry, which was first brought up at a December 2015 event in Iowa, when the leader of a climate change action group asked the candidate if she would make the promise. Clinton responded, saying that she didn't accept money from fossil fuel companies but that she wasn't going to scrutinize donations from individual people. She said at the time:

Individuals who might have some connection to whatever industry, I’m not going to do a litmus test on them. I don’t think that there’s a lot who support me, but the companies don’t, because they know I’m going to be very adamant about moving us towards clean renewable energy and I think that’s the way it should be.
Joe Raedle/Getty Images News/Getty Images

It's no secret that Sanders has, in fact, increased his attacks of Clinton's positions lately in his tweets and speeches, as he works to highlight the differences between them. So much so that Clinton pointed out how he once said he'd never run a negative ad in his life. But that's really not the case here. Maybe Clinton is frustrated that Sanders has been pointing out the things he supports that she doesn't, and vice versa, but this Greenpeace activist was merely asking a question that she's been asked before by someone who also wasn't Sanders.

It seems Sanders, who once was considered a long shot to ever get near the nomination, is finally getting under Clinton's skin.