9 Spring Cleaning Memes To Help You Get Through The Most Annoying Part Of This Season

Everybody loves spring... except for that one part of it that everybody doesn't love: the cleaning. These spring cleaning memes cover all the feelings you have when it comes to dusting, organizing, and scrubbing. True, it always feels great after the cleaning's done, but before the process begins, well, that's another story. (Too bad life isn't a Disney princess movie, with mice and rabbits and sparrows coming to the cleaning rescue while you sing a song and dance around in the kitchen.)

From cleaning out the closets and storing away the winter clothes to scrubbing behind the toilet and washing all the windows, there's a lot to be done during the early spring. While I can't hire you a housekeeper or physically help with your spring cleaning, I can provide you with a few laughs along the way. After all, if there is one way to quickly get through something you don't enjoy doing, it's with a few good jokes and the ability to laugh at yourself.

Get through your spring cleaning with a smile on your face this year. Though bleaching your bathtub might not put that smile on your face, hopefully these memes will. You can't win them all... but you can win some of them.

Images: MemeCenter