Tom Hiddleston, Meteorologist?

by Kaitlin Reilly

Chris Hemsworth might be the titular star of the Thor films and the intended eye candy, but that doesn't mean that he gets all the attention. Hemsworth might have the brawn, but when it comes to fandoms, few are as strong as the one behind fellow Thor actor Tom Hiddleston. English actor Hiddleston caught the world's attention with his performance as Thor's complicated, morally grey brother Loki, but he's since rose through the ranks of Hollywood and become so much more than that. Since his first appearance in the Marvel franchise, Hiddleston has appeared in films like the gorgeously eerie Crimson Peak, and the far less creepy Muppets Most Wanted — but it's his latest role as country crooner Hank Williams in I Saw The Light that is getting him serious buzz. But, his latest role is proof that Hiddleston may need to start considering a career sidestep: Becoming a weatherman. Case-in-point: Hiddleston took over the weather report on Chicago's Fox32, and it was as delightful an experience as we could have hoped for.

The actor, who was apparently promoting his film I Saw The Light with journalist Richard Roeper at the same station, walked on over to the weather board to give his own take on an upcoming storm. And, though the actor is only onscreen for 30 seconds or so, they are a very memorable 30 seconds. Here's what might have been running through your mind when watching the video:

1. Wait, Is That Tom Hiddleston?

Yes, yes it is.

2. This Is So Much Better Than Checking My Phone For The Weather

Hiddleston has never shown up on my Weather.com app. Never. Not once.

3. Wait, It Would Make So Much More Sense If He Were In His Loki Costume

But like, zero complaints about this suit, though.

4. Gotta Love The Thor References, Though

Apparently this thunderstorm is happening because Hiddleston's onscreen brother Thor is smashing his hammer all over the place. #Science.

5. Why Can't Hiddleston Participate In All Of Our News Broadcasts?!

Ratings would soar.

6. Thirty Seconds Is Not Enough Time With This Man

OK, brb, going to go watch Thor 2.

Check out the whole video below:

Images: Fox32 (6)