Lena Dunham's Book Officially Has A Cover

by Emma Cueto

We've been waiting with bated breath to see it, and now Lena Dunham's book officially has a cover. The book itself won't be coming out until October 7, but knowing how much we'd all love a sneak peek, Dunham posted a photo of the cover on Instagram this morning. And it's not at all the kind of cover you'd expect.

Dunham, who is somewhat synonymous with Millennials and all the 21st century innovation that implies, has surprisingly gone with a rather retro cover. (Or someone in the publishing house has, since even famous authors rarely get much input on what their covers actually look like.) From the font to the layout to the lack of a picture, the cover seems like a throwback to a bygone era. There are a few sly touches — the Os are curiously slanted, for instance – but overall, the cover seems to be going for an old-fashioned, classic vibe.

So what does this mean for the book itself? Will Dunham be trying to position herself as timeless instead of "of the moment"? Will she be playing with a juxtaposition of old and new styles and sensibilities? Does the cover mean anything at all?

The official description for the book, which is entitled Not The Kind of Girl, says that the book is "for readers of Nora Ephron, Tina Fey, and David Sedaris," and will be a "hilarious, poignant, and extremely frank collection of personal essays" which will confirm that Dunham is "one of the brightest and most original writers working today." Dunham herself promises it will also be about "ambition," "existential crises," "fashion," "publicly sharing your body," and "having to prove yourself in a meeting full of fifty-year-old men," among many other things. So take a good long look at the cover and be on the lookout for it come October.

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