Taylor Swift Takes Quite A Spill On Her Treadmill

by Caitlyn Callegari

It is not every day that you witness a pop sensation eat it on a treadmill... or, any day, really. But, honestly, is Taylor Swift just your average, every day pop star? Of course she isn't. Girl has a sense of humor and offers up a healthy amount of self-deprecation, so we get LOL-worthy things, like Swift's Apple Music ad were she raps and falls on a treadmill. The video (as she wrote on her Twitter) is even being referred to as #TAYLORvsTREADMILL. I mean, she isn't even being shy about having every gym-goers worst fear immortalized in video.

Obviously, the fall was pre-planned — it is an ad after all — but that doesn't lessen the awkward, cringeworthy feeling you get from watching it, and it certainly won't deter haters from throwing some stupid comments her way, of that I am sure. But, who cares about them? Let's focus on the positives, like the fact that T. Swift killed the verse in "Jumpman" that she raps in the video and the fact that Drake and Future have to be so proud of her. Also, let's get into that falling stunt shall we? It was expertly executed, but was Swift really the one doing it?

It isn't like she hasn't done stunts in the past. No, Swift is an experienced stuntwoman, thank you very much. She also isn't afraid of getting down and dirty and a little roughed up. If you caught any of the videos she shared during the height of the "Bad Blood" craze, you'd know that the songstress is a more-than-willing stunt participant.

And that's not even counting the time she accidentally ripped a door straight off the hinges. Swift is strong and certainly able to do a stunt if it's needed.

But here's the thing about this video: Despite it being, "Based on true events," this stunt, in particular, looks like quite a difficult one to execute unless you're a trained professional. And I just can't seem them risking Swift's enviable cheekbones for an ad. Plus, if you look really, super, ridiculously closely at the video at the 0:46 to 0:48 mark, before she falls, her face and hair appears to change for just a split second.

Exhibit A:

See how her hair is more voluminous in this shot?

Exhibit B:

And, how her hair is flatter to her face here? Also, her face appears to be more angular than it looks to be above.

Given the evidence, I do not think Swift did her own stunt in this instance. And, honestly, I can't blame her. Just because you can do something, doesn't mean that you should. I'm on team, "Protect Taylor Swift's Face At Any Cost 2K16." Next time, Tay. Next time.

Images: Apple Music