DogVacay Pranked Customers With Bras For Dogs

by Alexi McCammond

If you're unfamiliar with DogVacay, the best way to understand it is this: Uber for pet sitting. Whether you're leaving for vacation or just heading out of town and cannot take your pet with you, DogVacay offers a list of hosts in your area who are certified pet sitters. You book your pet's overnight stay (or request someone to come to your place to walk your dog or pet sit in your home) on the website or the DogVacay mobile app, and everything is taken care of with the click of a few buttons. The Santa Monica, CA based company knows that dog owners love their pets more than anything, so they wanted to expand their business to pet undergarments. DogVacay tried to sell bras for dogs to its customers on April Fool's Day because seeing a dog in lingerie is actually pretty funny.

On April 1, DogVacay sent out an email newsletter with three pranks: bras for dogs, a DogVacay book on 101 crafts to make from your dog's fur, and HumanVacay (basically pet sitting but for humans). According to the email, the crafting book "shows you how to turn those sheddables into hours of fun," while HumanVacay advertises services from pet sitters who are "now opening up their homes to human guests. Take long walks. Sleep 15 hours a day. Enjoy couch privileges." That one doesn't sound too believable, but I bet people would be into crafting from their dogs excess fur and then dressing them in a lace bra.

DogVacay's prank was in partnership with ThirdLove, a women's bra and underwear company that created a technology to help you find your perfect bra size at home. The satirical bras for dogs range from $30 to $35, but as soon as you try to check out (not that I tried to buy one...) the "purchase" button is actually a button that just says "April Fool's!"

Even though the idea of bras for dogs is absurd, ThirdLove and DogVacay went all out for this April Fools' Day prank. The names of the bras are pretty clever, too. Those who fall for the joke, or those who are just curious enough to go to the retail page, can choose from a "Plunge Pawfect Bra," a "Paw-Free Front Closure Bra," and my personal favorite, a "Lace Throw-The-Ball-conette Bra." Dogs need options, too.

April Fools' Day is usually a day filled with mediocre jokes that don't really make sense, but DogVacay and ThirdLove's prank was just absurd enough that it was actually pretty comical. After all, bra shopping is no joke and as ThirdLove says, "Finding a perfect fit can be ruff!"