8 Little Ways to To Make Your S.O. Feel Loved

Every relationship reaches a point where it moves past the initial honeymoon phase. It's the time when you start facing new issues together as a couple and start growing through new situations that arise. This can be a testing time between any two individuals, but finding ways to help your partner feel loved can be like hitting the refresh button on your relationship. Although things between you and your partner won't always be fireworks and butterflies (and that's totally normal), it feels good to remind each other how much you care.

These everyday gestures don't need to be grand, pricey, or labor-intensive -- they're just simple reminders that you appreciate each other. When saying those three little words has become routine, try telling your partner you love them in a new way. You could work together to fill out a fun and interactive couple's memory journal that stands as a reminder of your true feelings through words of affirmation (which is one of the five love languages, naturally). You might also have fun making a delicious breakfast in bed with a heart-shaped waffle maker for your other half, leaving them feeling special before they even start their day. Read on for nine awesome ways to remind your partner you care.

Learn Each Other's Love Language With This Best-Selling Book

The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love that Lasts , $10, Amazon

Instead of catching up on your favorite Netflix show before bed, suggest reading a relationship-focused book about the five love languages together at night. Your partner will appreciate your effort toward figuring out how each of you gives and receives love through five different love languages: words of affirmation, quality time, receiving gifts, acts of service, and physical touch. Users love this book for giving relevant and practical information that brings couples together in happier, healthier relationships.

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Upgrade Your Partner's R&R With A Deep Tissue Massager

Wahl Deep Tissue Percussion Therapeutic Massager, $36, Amazon

Dr. Lyubomirsky, a professor of psychology, told Jezebel, "Introducing more nonsexual touching and affection on a daily basis will go a long way in rekindling warmth and tenderness." After a stressful week at the office or training for an upcoming marathon, your partner could definitely start feeling worn out. Become their personal masseuse while leaving the professional skills to a powerful therapeutic massager. One user called this tool "life changing" because it runs at different speeds to improve blood circulation, and it comes with four attachments that break up knots and work over neck and back areas. Take turns making each other feel relaxed before bed — it'll help you both unwind and get into a better mood.

Take It Back To When A Mix Tape Meant 'I Love You'

Skullcandy In-Ear Headphones , $25, Amazon; iPhone 6 Retro Tape Deck Case, $8, Amazon

Music can be the easiest way to express to someone how you feel about them. Create a custom playlist of all of the songs that make you think of your special person — then surprise 'em with a creatively curated set of gadgets that make their morning commute much better. These comfortable, in-ear headphones have a snug fit, and they can use the headphones' built-in mic for a hands-free call. Take the gesture back to the good ol' days with a slim IPhone 6 case that looks like what you actually gave them in middle school. If your S.O. insists on a case that's functional, let them know this one's is made with hard plastic for durability. Its rubberized coating means a slip-proof grip, too!

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Pack An All-In-One Cooler And Blanket For Day Trips With Your Partner

Skip Hop Central Park Outdoor Blanket , $36, Amazon

You and your partner haven't gotten out in awhile, and you miss the days when you spent quality time together over fun weekend or day trips. This awesome two-in-one picnic necessity is all the motivation you need. As a blanket, it's spacious, waterproof, and machine-washable. And it doubles as an insulated cooler bag, too, so you can bring some snacks and drinks for the trip. Bonus: This blanket and cooler combo is compact and easy to fold, so it won't be a pain to carry with you during the day.

Flex Creative Muscles Together With A Guided Journal

Studio Oh! Couple's Guided Journal, Truly, Madly, Deeply , $12, Amazon

Sharing words of affirmation is one of the five most common love languages, so it could be another great way to reach your partner. Fill in the blanks on this interactive couple's journal together with special memories, inside jokes, and reasons you love your S.O., reminding them why you think they're so great. Users rave about how this book is a fun activity to do together as a couple. Remind each other exactly why you care.

Unwind During Date Night-In With Rom-Coms & Bath Bombs

Schone Bath Bombs All Natural Essential Oils (6-Piece) , $18, Amazon

Friday night date nights don't always have to mean getting dressed up and going out. Come home from work with soothing bath bombs infused with cocoa butter, plus, a bottle of your partner's favorite wine. You'll both get much needed relaxation, plus an excuse to enjoy some drinks and each other's company. The bath bombs have delicious scents and are even infused with essential oils and minerals, which ease muscle pain and soften skin. (Users praise them for even turning the water a pretty color, in addition to adding a nice, relaxing fizz.)

Serve Breakfast In Bed With A Pan That Won't Burn The Waffles

Chef's Choice WafflePro Heart Waffle Iron, $50, Amazon

If your partner is not a morning person and foregoes breakfast to hit snooze — give them the gift of a delicious morning before their feet even touch the floor. Wake up early and whip up some waffles to win their heart (and their stomach), and help get their day off to a great start. This nonstick iron beeps when the waffle is ready, so you can handle other stuff nearby, without worrying about burning breakfast. Just add their favorite sweet or savory ingredients to the waffles, and enjoy an easy clean-up with the non-stick surface.

For The Overworked Partner, Reinvigorate Them With Their Fave Brew

Zojirushi Stainless Steel Mug, $26, Amazon

To remind your boo that you admire the hard work they've been putting in at the office, surprise them with their favorite hot coffee brew in an insulated stainless steel mug before their next big meeting. Their cup of joe will stay hot for the rest of the day, and it has a safety lock to prevent them from spilling their drink all over their new work outfit. They'll feel more energized and motivated from a mix of caffeine and some much needed support from their other half. One user praises this mug for having a sleek design that fits the equivalent of two cups of coffee — keeping it hot for hours.

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