Is 'Stranger In The House' A True Story? Lifetime's Latest Movie Has Some Familiar Figures

I have a secret obsession with Lifetime movies. The more dramatic they seem, the more likely I am to tune in. That's why the network's new venture, Stranger In The House, seems like exactly the kind of movie I want stocked on my DVR. Though Stranger In The House is not based on a true story like many of the network's other flicks, it has some elements that should be familiar to fellow fans of the made-for-TV movies.

Many Lifetime movies focus on new additions to a family who cannot be trusted, so it's no surprise that with such a title, Stranger in the House is based on that premise. This movie, however, gives its suspicious character two roles in the family: as both stepmother and hired caregiver. The thriller also delves into sex, money, and murder, based on the synopsis from Lifetime's website:

Upon returning from her honeymoon, Jade discovers that the caregiver she hired to look after her recently widowed father has seduced him into marriage and has the run of the home. When he suddenly dies following a fall, Jade suspects foul play and launches her own investigation after finding out that her new stepmother had her father change his will leaving his new bride nearly everything. It’s a race to expose the truth and bring her father justice while protecting her legacy.

The central plot of someone being murdered for their money is found in many movies — including those on Lifetime — so despite being a work of fiction, Stranger in the House may seem familiar. Stepmothers as villains are also another common trope in movies, in everything from fairytales to The Parent Trap. My hope for Stranger In The House is that Lifetime will surprise us by turning these tropes on their head. Maybe the reality of the situation is that it's actually Jade who is the murderous one, or paranoid about her stepmother due to some unresolved issues buried underneath her calm, collected surface.

You can watch the trailer below and keep in mind, everything may not be as it seems. Considering how many twists are usually found in a Lifetime movie, my hunch about Stranger in the House breaking the mold just may be right.

Image: Mar Vista Entertainment/YouTube