Debra Winger Is Tackling Comedy On 'The Ranch'

Ashton Kutcher's Netflix sitcom is exciting for the prospect of The '70s Show reunions, but the cast is filled with some heavy-hitting performers on its own. Who plays Maggie Bennett on The Ranch ? Debra Winger plays Colt's mom, and you've definitely seen her before.

The series is about Colt, a semi-pro football player played by Kutcher, coming home to work on his family's farm. Maggie is a local bartender, and has what appears to be an on again/off again relationship with her ex-husband and Colt's father Beau Bennett, played by Sam Elliott. We learn in the pilot that Maggie is one of the only people in Colt's family that he actually stays in touch with, and for good reason. The family dynamic on The Ranch is interesting from the get go — there's clearly a lot of history that we need to discover and unpack.

However, while the series is set up as a multi-cam sitcom (with the occasional swear word because, Netflix), Winger is not exactly known for comedic roles. She is a three time Oscar nominee for dramatic films in the '80s and '90s —Shadowlands, An Officer And A Gentleman, and Terms of Endearment. She was nominated for two Golden Globes and a BAFTA for her role in Urban Cowboy. She was also in Radio. Here are a few other places you might recognize the actress from more recently.

In Treatment

She played an actress named Frances Greer in several episodes of the HBO series that starred Gabriel Byrne.

Rachel Getting Married

This movie is somewhat of a comedy, albeit a dark one. Winger plays Ann Hathaway's mother in the chaotic ensemble film.

Lola Versus

Another independent comedy, this time with Greta Gerwig. Maybe this is a path that Winger has been chasing in her career all along. She definitely brings a sense of history and gravitas to The Ranch.

Image: Greg Gayne/Netflix