All The Weird Fabrics You Wore In The '90s

by Kali Borovic

As crazy as the 2000s were for trends, some '90s fashions was even more out there. From pleather skirts to strange combinations that will hopefully never come back in style, there are some pretty weird fabrics that you definitely wore in the '90s. Of course, at the time they made perfect sense, which is pretty much true for all bizarre trends that you can't help but look back on fondly.

If I told you that looking at a photo of a purple and teal windbreaker didn't flood my mind with memories, I'd be lying. Odds are my fellow '90s kids out there totally understand. Whether you were rocking these items, wishing you had them, or remembering how your parents embarrassed you by making you wear them, there are some fabrics that completely shaped most Milennials childhoods. Those of us growing up in the '90s might not like to admit that denim everything and bedazzled corduroy were the fabrics of the decade, but that won't make them go away.

From the best bands to the It-girls of the era, these key clothing items were worn or coveted by everyone. In a time when just about everyone was experimenting with style, it only makes sense that quirky and a little bit out there materials were used. If you can't think of a memory to go with each and every one of these fabrics, then I don't know what you were doing in the '90s, because they are iconic.

1. Jean & Fur Combo

Vintage Fur Denim Jean Jacket, $57, Etsy

Two of the most iconic fabrics of the era came together for this masterpiece. I'm not sure why the combination was so fabulous to all '90s kids, but odds are you had or knew someone who had a jacket like this.

2. Windbreaker Material

This combination of cotton, nylon and polyester created something purely magical. You could always hear your parents coming when they wore one of these jackets because of this noisy fabric, and odds are they used it to track you down as well.

3. Denim

Vintage '90s Stonewashed Denim, $32, Etsy

The denim from the era was nothing like it is today. There was so much personality in each pair, but stonewashed fabric and light colored mom-jeans will forever be burned into every '90s kids' memory.

4. Tie Dye


Tie dye was less a fabric and more a way of life. It was the start of a '90s kid's love for DIY. Bonus points if you made it yourself at summer camp.

5. Animal Print

'90s Fuzzy Leopard Print Skirt, $87, Etsy

If you didn't own a piece of animal print clothing during your childhood, you were missing out. This fabric is still around, of course, but it's nothing like the tiny spotted-print that covered everything from bags to platform heels in the '90s.

6. Pleather

Shiny Pleather Low-Rise Pants, Etsy

The pleather was shinier than ever in this era, but that didn't stop people from rocking it on everything from short skirts to skin tight pants.

7. Plaid

'90s Grunge Flannel, $38, Ebay

From grungy flannels to preppy skirts, there were about a million different ways to wear this '90s classic. Thank you, Cher Horowitz.

8. Crinkle Shrink

'90s Bubble Shirt, $20, Etsy

You might not know this one by name, but you'll definitely recognize it. Known as the popcorn tee, this was a one-size-fits-all style that for some reason was super trendy.

9. Bandana

Bandana Print Headband, $1.25, Party Palooza

If the sight of a bandana doesn't bring you back to the '90s, then I don't know what you were doing with your life. From accessories to shirts, this fabric was everywhere.

These styles might be outdated, but they still have a place in every '90s kids' heart.

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Images: Courtesy Brands (7)