'American Idol's Dexter Roberts Has a Chance of Going the Distance If He Takes More Risks

American Idol's Dexter Roberts is a farm hand Alabama boy who can play a mean guitar and has eyes the color of Italy's Amalfi coast. Did I mention that he can also sing? Well, he certainly can. But can he step away from his guitar? We hope.

Every American Idol season has its token country singer. While Dexter is certainly a country singer, he is definitely no token boy. Idol has had its fair share of male country winners, but even I, a self-proclaimed country music hater, would vote for Dexter Roberts. Add me to the thousands of fans he's soon to have when he makes it to the final rounds of this competition and perhaps, even wins.

After an audition and first round of performances singing country classics, he impressed the judges and audience alike during the group performances as a member of the "Backstreet Cowboys" singing "I Want It That Way." While we were initially uncertain whether a singer with such a heavy southern drawl could pull off a bubblegum pop classic, Roberts surprised us with a deep rendition that could have easily fooled us.

With his can-do attitude and obvious vocal ability, we're confident Roberts will make it very far into the competition. Like the Backstreet Boy performance, we just hope he continues to take risks throughout the competition instead of sticking to his usual style week after week. As he proved, he can obviously do it — it's just a matter of trust.

Image: Fox