The Knife At O.J. Simpson's Mansion Wasn't Involved In The 1994 Murders, The LAPD Rules

On Friday, The Hollywood Reporter reported that the LAPD had ruled the knife found on O.J. Simpson's property not linked to the 1994 murders. The knife had reportedly been found during a search of the area around the mansion, and kept by an officer as a keepsake, for reasons that remain unclear — his attorney claims that the LAPD showed no interest in learning about the weapon when the officer reported it — until this past month. It had been speculated that the knife could be linked to the 1994 murders, of which Simpson was acquitted. A murder weapon had never been found. The LAPD, however, ruled out that link this week.

After news of the knife came to light in March, the knife was tested for any link to the murders of Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman. Nobody has ever been convicted of their 1994 murders, although in a civil trial two years after his high-profile initial trial, Simpson was found liable for their deaths.

Simpson is currently serving a decades-long sentence in prison for a botched robbery in Las Vegas.

An LAPD source told the Los Angeles Times, "That is not the knife ... There is no evidence related to the crime."