Watch Idina Menzel Sing "Let It Go" Live

By now you've heard Frozen's breakout hit "Let It Go." By now you've sung Frozen's "Let It Go" at the top of your lungs alone in your apartment, in your car, silently to your computer screen at 3 a.m. That may just be me, but I doubt it. The point is: The song is magic. Which is why you should watch/listen to/generally absorb this new video of Idina Menzel belting "Let It Go" at a recent Frozen-related event.

The event in question was called a Celebration Of the Music Of Disney's Frozen and was billed as a reunion of the cast "for the first time in forever" (see what they did there?), which makes a little bit of sense since I guess it's been a long time since they all recorded their vocals for Frozen, but the movie only came out a few months ago guys, and it's not like they didn't see each other at the premiere.

Still, I'm not one to heavily side-eye any event that can claim Menzel and Kristen Bell as its guests of honor. I'm more likely to beg for an invite — hint hint, Disney PR reps, hint hint. I'm also more likely to just sit back and listen to Menzel sing her amazing new flagship tune.

Let it go, you guys. Let it go.

Image: Getty Images