How To Stream The iHeartRadio Music Awards Online & Catch All The Star-Studded Action

If you're a fan of top 40, get ready for a smorgasbord of current pop hits — iHeartRadio is having its annual awards ceremony on April 3, and it promises to be quite the event. So, where can you stream the iHeartRadio Music Awards? As fate would have it, this particular awards show is actually pretty hard to miss: It will be broadcast on several networks, including TBS, TNT, and truTV. And, true to its radio roots, you'll also be able to catch the audio version of the awards ceremony on the radio — in fact, you can just tune in to any iHeartRadio station, since the show will be simulcast across their nationwide network of over 1,500 stations starting at 8:00 PM ET. If you're not sure which stations fall under the iHeartRadio umbrella, you can always use their app to find the right stations in your area.

For those hoping to live stream the audio and visual version of the show, well, you're in luck as well. As fate would have it, each of the networks broadcasting the show also happens to come with their own streaming service. TBS, TNT, and truTV all have live streams, and depending on your cable provider, you should be able to log in and catch the show from the comfort of your own laptop. Oh, and you can also stream the show through the iHeartRadio app (if it's not something you've downloaded it yet, don't fear — it's free).

What do you think? Will you be tuning in? Well, in a way, it almost sounds like it'll be difficult not to. In all seriousness, though, in addition to its ease of access, there's actually quite the laundry list of reasons why you should watch the iHeartRadio Music Awards — first off, it's got an absolutely killer, star-studded line up, all led by host Jason Derulo. Then, you've got the fact that Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris will be sitting side by side front and center (prepare for cuteness overload when Taylor accepts her award for "Best Tour") — not to mention the fact that mega divas like Demi Lovato will be performing live (let's all hope she sings her kickass new ballad, "Stone Cold," right?).

So, grab your streaming device of choice, and settle in for some good music — it's going to be a good night.

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