One MTV Movie Awards Look That Defined The 2000s

In my opinion, it should be an indisputable fact that Paris Hilton's 2000 MTV Movie Awards outfit was the one ensemble that defined the early 2000s. No other outfit fully encompasses the trends of the era. Hilton herself really defined a large part of the '00s and is pretty much the decade's poster child.

This article can partly be considered an homage to someone who doesn't get all that much credit anymore when it comes to the way we live our lives in the present day. Without her, the world wouldn't have The Simple Life, the Kardashian-Jenner family, and Beverley Hills Chihuahua 3. Without her, there would be no "Paris and Nicole" or "Nick and Paris" or "Paris and Kim."

On a more personal note, there's the fact that I have indeed stayed in several Hilton Garden Inns during my illustrious club volleyball career, and they didn't completely suck. So, everything taken in stride, Hilton really has made some positive contributions in my life thus far, not least of which includes her 2000 MTV Awards outfit.

There are a few things to note firsthand when examining this awards look. For example, Hilton's Brazilian spray tan has impressive coverage and shade. Secondly, the giant diamond belly ring really gives "ice" a whole new meaning. Third, I wonder where the side pony and poof went. Will they ever come back in style? One can only hope.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

You have to admit, turquoise compliments Hilton well. Her blonde hair, tan skin, frosted glossy lips, and eyes make the color really pop the way it should. The pairing of a crop top and flowy skirt resting just below the hips was an early 2000s staple. The exposed skin was also an awards show favorite seen on other early '00s darlings like Halle Berry and Christina Aguilera, so Hilton was on point in that regard. She stuck to trends and made the look work for her.

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Sometimes it's hard to remember all of the stars and all of the trends of years past. Every once and a while you need a reminder to take you back to what was and how far fashion has come. Hilton's 2000 MTV Movie Awards outfit was the epitome of early 2000s trends. And now, here's the scary part: those trends are reportedly coming back.

So, if you ever find yourself thinking about throwing on some body glitter or a skinny scarf, remember Hilton and remember this outfit and then make an informed decision. Do you really want history to repeat itself?

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