New 'Doctor Strange' Set Photos Provide The First Look At Benedict Cumberbatch & Chiwetel Ejiofor In Full Costume — PHOTOS

While we've seen glimpses of Benedict Cumberbatch's new role as a Marvel superhero, we now have the first on-set photos of Cumberbatch and Chiwetel Ejiofor in Doctor Strange. The actors, who play the film's hero and villain, respectively, were spotted filming an action scene outdoors in Manhattan on Saturday. Cumberbatch, decked out in full Doctor Strange cape and all — face slightly bloodied, too — can be seen running in the images. Ejiofor, who plays the villainous Baron Mordo, was seen running alongside him in a few of the other pics.

While Cumberbatch has appeared in promotional images for the movie, which is scheduled for a November release, these are the first images to show his costume in full and in action. These are also the first clear images of Ejiofor as Mordo. For those who are unfamiliar, Doctor Strange is a Marvel comics hero, a neurosurgeon turned magician who uses his powers for good. Mordo is trained in similar magical arts, and while he's villainous in the comics, he's been made multidimensional in the movie, an amalgamation of many characters in the Strange universe. Additionally, Cumberbatch was a favorite for the titular role before the casting announcement was made, so fans seem to be especially excited for the upcoming film. While the images don't give away any major plot details, they do show the all-important costumes in a new light.

Doctor Strange's much-debated outfit appears to find the right balance of practicality and whimsy. Like in the comics, Cumberbatch wears his red Cloak of Levitation around his shoulders and the Eye of Agamotto amulet around his neck. His hair looks appropriately tousled for someone running around, and the heavy-looking get-up doesn't appear to be

him down.

Ejiofor's Mordo costume had barely been seen before these on-set images were released. Other images showed him appearing ragged, but he looks more polished here. Compared to the comics, he looks understandably more muted and realistic. It's also a lot less skintight.

Aside from the best looks at the costumes we've received so far, these images also show Baron Mordo and Doctor Strange getting along, visually demonstrating that their relationship might be more complex than that of hero/antagonist. I get the sense that this movie might spark a lot of fan fiction, but we'll have to wait until November to see how it plays out.