Where To Buy Carrie Underwood Swimwear For A Cute & Sporty Day At The Beach — PHOTOS

If you’re of the mindset that string bikinis just aren’t practical (because I mean, they really aren’t, are they?) then this is the perfect swim line for you. Carrie Underwood announced that her Calia activewear line will now offer bathing suits and more. Let me tell you — you’re going to want to find out where to buy Carrie Underwood’s Calia swimwear because these pieces offer everything you could want from a bathing suit.

They’re bringing coverage, cuteness and functionality like you never thought possible. I mean, you can even shop swim shorts, and that just makes a whole lot of sense to me. No more worrying about your bottoms riding up. Or worse. Falling down. These sporty pieces will fit right in with the rest of your athleisure wardrobe, and they won’t break the bank. Each item is $80 or under, which isn’t a bad deal for a whole lot more fabric than that string bikini offers, you know?

If this sounds like just the kind of beach garb you’ve been hoping for, then head over to your local Dick’s Sporting Goods to shop these pieces, IRL. You can also shop online at Dick's Sporting Goods or straight from the Calia website, if you’re more into a virtual experience, although, I do recommend a good try-on session with swimwear.

I'm dying to be poolside and sporty-chic. If you are, too, then what are you waiting for? These pieces are already available to shop. Go on, get to it!

1. Zip Up Bikini Top

Zip Front Bikini Top, $45, Calia

A zipper allows you to show as much or as little skin as you'd like. Plus, it's just a really cool feature.

2. Mesh Bikini Top

High Neck Bikini Top, $45, Calia

I love the practical cut of this top, and the breathable mesh fabric is an added bonus.

3. Swim Shorts

Swim Shorts, $40, Calia

These are those shorts I was telling you about. I just can't get over how practical they are.

4. Printed One-Piece

Printed High Neck Swimsuit, $80, Calia

This suit offers complete coverage and cuteness. Check and check.

5. Full-Coverage Bottoms

Rollover Printed Bottoms, $35, Calia

These thick-strapped bottoms are just the kind of thing you need for a day full of beach activities.

6. Cute Cover-Up

Mesh Detail Cover Up, $55, Calia

There's nothing better to top off your look than an adorable little dress.

Welp, I've pretty much gotten my summer wardrobe sorted, how about you?

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Images: carrieunderwood/Instagram (1); Courtesy Calia (6)