15 Funny Spring Memes That Are Too Real

With temperatures staying in the 30s and 40s in some parts of the country, it may be hard for some of you to believe that it's actually spring. These 15 funny spring memes feel your pain, so if you need a little help making it through these chilly "spring" days, at the very least, they can provide you with an empathetic laugh. It's always best to laugh with someone (or some meme) than to be laughed at, right?

Why is it that every year we tend to forget that the first day of spring isn't synonymous with warm weather and 70 degree sunshine? Every. Single. Year. While most of the country won't see snow for another seven or eight months, that doesn't stop the thermometer readings from staying low and the heaters from staying on in most of the U.S.

When spring really does decide to show its face, it will come quickly, with trees seemingly blooming overnight and sandal weather finally becoming appropriate. However, until those spring days are actually here, it's best to stay bundled and spend your time inside reading funny memes... like these ones. That's right, it's cold outside — you don't have to feel guilty about lying in bed all day looking at Grumpy Cat memes.

Images: MemeCenter