Justin Bieber's 2016 iHeartRadio Music Awards Performance Proves That He Is At His Best Acoustic — VIDEO

Justin Bieber hasn't necessarily made the best decisions in the past, but Bieber's acoustic version of "Love Yourself" at the iHeartRadio Music Awards on Sunday night was by far one of his wisest choices. Anyone who has faithfully listened to Bieber's Believe Acoustic album on repeat is well aware that the dude's at his best when he plays acoustic, so when JB whipped out the acoustic guitar for his Ed Sheeran-penned hit "Love Yourself" to start the show, he set the tone for the rest of the night. Bieber is nothing if not a talented performer, but sometimes his musical talent is lost in the tabloid narrative of his personal life. Not tonight: That talent was front and center (even outshining his questionable dreadlocks) as Bieber seamlessly segued from acoustic realness to a cappella vibes on "Love Yourself," delivering the kind of performance that made you remember why he was discovered on YouTube in the first place — dude can sing.

As intimate as the half-acoustic, half-a cappella version of "Love Yourself" was, Bieber of course had to kick things up a notch as he transitioned into "Company," bringing some seriously sweet dance moves (and an entire dance crew) as he made his way into the audience. His high-energy rendition of the second number not only had the audience on their feet, it even had one lucky member all up close and personal with JB — a feat that pretty much every single other Belieber in the crowd would kill to replicate:

As the iHeartRadio Music Awards rage on, there's no doubt that Bieber's opener is one that will stick in your mind — and maybe even have you thinking twice about the singer. That a cappella, though. It gets me every time!