Demi Lovato's Performance Of "Stone Cold" At The 2016 iHeartRadio Music Awards Was Filled With Raw Talent & Emotion — VIDEO

It's safe to say that Demi Lovato and Brad Paisley brought the iHeartRadio Awards house down with their killer performance of "Stone Cold," a surprising and unusual collaboration that showcased both Paisley's guitar skills and Lovato's truly unbelievable vocals. In what was easily one of the best — if not the best — performances of the night, Lovato and Paisley infused the emotional track with a powerful vulnerability and some seriously awe-inspiring talent. It's no surprise to fans that Lovato is a powerful belter with some insane pipes, but she truly outdid herself at the 2016 iHeartRadio Music Awards, pouring every last bit of herself into the number. And, that kind of dedication and intensity was easily reflected in her performance — she filled every note with genuine emotion, showcasing not only her true feelings, but also her raw talent. Girl can belt.

It was an inspirational performance to say the least, with the audience erupting into applause every time Demi Lovato nailed a high note and belted out her truth (and trust me, she did both). Performing the emotional track is not an easy feat for Lovato, who previously told Entertainment Tonight that the song was inspired by her own "pain and heartbreak."

In explaining the intensity of performing "Stone Cold" live, Lovato told ET: "I put my heart and soul into every performance, whether it's in front of two people or it's in front of millions on a talk show or something. When you channel that energy and you go to that different place emotionally, it's not easy."

It may be difficult, but the payoff is most certainly worth it. Not only was Lovato in a safe place to display such emotion (surrounded by an audience filled with fellow artists and fans alike), but "going there" emotionally certainly produces the kind of performance that touches people and connects you to your audience. There's something to be said for opening yourself up emotionally, and Lovato certainly nailed it.