Hannah Discovers Jessa & Adam's Relationship On HBO's 'Girls' & It's About To Hit The Fan

It's rare that most of the main cast of Girls is in the same place at the same time this season, but it finally happened for the first tie all season. On this week's episode, the gang — minus Shosh, who's still in Japan, and Elijah, who's at a party with his new, fancy boyfriend — goes to see Adam in his new play. Usually, when everyone gets together, it means major drama, and this time definitely wasn't any different. On Girls , Hannah finds out Adam and Jessa are dating, and she completely freaks out, as basically everyone who has ever seen five minutes of this beautiful show would have predicted.

It helps that the play is a little unconventional, so it gives everyone room to talk — or in Hannah's case, totally lose her mind. It's based on the murder of Kitty Genovese, and the bystander effect that happened when people witnessed her murder and did nothing about it. During the play, the audience walks from room to room, observing different neighbors in their apartments as they hear and see the murder, and it gives Hannah the opportunity to see Jessa watching the show from another balcony... watching Adam just intently enough to realize that they must be sleeping together.

Hysteria ensues, resulting in Hannah and Marnie on a bed in one of the apartments while Hannah basically has a nervous breakdown and trying to drill information out of Marnie about this relationship that she just doesn't have. And after the play, Hannah sees Jessa and Adam leave together, and although she looks totally heartbroken, she doesn't immediately call the out — and that, my friends, is what I call character development. Hannah of past seasons would have caused a scene right there in the street, so it's good that it seems like she's taking time to process things and handle the situation appropriately. Maybe. I hope.

I'm not ruling out an explosion in the very near future, though, especially since she and Fran are constantly on the verge of a breakup. When she finally decides to talk to them about it, it's not going to be pretty. Not that I can say I blame her — who wants their friend dating a guy who used to be the guy for her? It sucks for everyone involved, but mostly Hannah, and I do not envy Jessa when Hannah's rage finally catches up to her. Maybe she should just move to a bomb shelter? That's probably safest.

Image: Craig Blankenhorn/HBO