Fred Armisen Is Seth Meyer's 'Late Night' Band Leader Because 'Saturday Night Live' Is Forever

Seth Meyers officially said goodbye to the hallowed halls of Saturday Night Live a couple weeks back, but much like any snooty Ivy League school or summer camp, the bonds created there will last forever. We can imagine this is largely why Fred Armisen is Seth Meyers' new band leader for his upcoming Late Night venture. It's certainly why that fact is so adorable, anyway.

Meyers made the announcement via Twitter Monday, saying that Armisen will "curate and lead the band, and continue to run it even when he's off shooting Portlandia." So there are two important things to note in that: 1) That Armisen will remain committed to Portlandia and will juggle the gigs, and 2) that the band in question is Armisen's 8G Band (pictured below).

Armisen's long considered himself both a musician and an actor/comedian — he plays the drums and the guitar — so it's cool to see him professionally embracing his musical side after so many years focused on acting. It's also cool to see Meyers' Late Night embracing music with the same conviction that the Jimmy Fallon-era Late Night did so famously and so well with The Roots.

Lorne Michaels really does have a stronghold on our media, doesn't he?

Images: Getty Images