Harry Styles' Best Moments With Fans, From Buying Them Dinner To Helping With Their Panic Attacks — VIDEOS

It's well-known within the One Direction fandom that Harry Styles is an actual angel. But besides the killer voice, swoon-worthy good looks, and the kind of magnetic charm that only someone like Harry Styles can possess, what makes him so angelic is the fact that he is just a genuinely good guy who frequently goes above and beyond for his fans. While it is every fan's dream to have any kind of moment with their favorite artist, Styles always seems to take things up a notch in his fan interaction — whether it's picking up fans' tabs, ensuring their safety, texting their dads (yes, it's happened) or simply comforting them, a moment with Harry Styles is always something just a touch more special than a ~normal~ fan/artist meeting. In fact, you can go ahead and check out some of the nicest things Harry Styles has done for fans below.

They're the kind of moments that every One Direction fan — and anyone who knows what it's like to be a die-hard fan — would kill to have. Because not only is your dream of meeting the 1D heartthrob coming true, it's extending far and beyond anything you could've hoped for. Every moment below is a #MeetingHarryStylesGoal, for sure.

1. He Bought A Fan (And Her Family) Dinner

Harry Styles would've made this fan's entire life just by meeting (and hugging!) her, but to go and also pick up her family's restaurant bill — that really takes the cake (literally).

2. He Calmed A Fan Down After She Had A Panic Attack Upon Meeting Him

HarryBestStyles on YouTube

TBH, his presence probably just made it worse, but I give Styles a serious A for effort here. How sweet and caring and calming is he?! I'm done.

3. He Helped A Fan After She Was Mobbed

HollywoodCIA on YouTube

Despite the fact that Styles was getting mobbed himself, he crouched down to make sure a fan was OK after she was stampeded by the rest of the crowd.

4. As A Matter Of Fact, He's Done This Multiple Times

Stupid Famous People on YouTube


5. Like, A Lot

Beatriz Dreger on YouTube

Superhero Harry to the rescue.

6. He Called A Fan After He Ate Lunch With Her Dad

And left the best voicemail known to man. Coffee next week? SURE.

7. When He Texted A Fan's Dad After She Threw Her Phone On Stage

1D Adult Fans on YouTube

Oh my God. Bye.

8. When He Told A Fan She Was Pretty

kathleen Requejo on YouTube

*digs own grave* *comes back to life* *dies again*

9. When He Picked Up The Birthday Girl's Tab At A Bar

Best birthday ever? I'D SAY SO.

10. When He Called A Fan At School

Agus Domenech on YouTube

And just wanted to kick back with a cup of tea "and have a chat."

11. And When He Just Let A Fan Kiss Him Repeatedly

TheEllenShow on YouTube

This kind of behavior would scare me, TBH. But Harry Styles, ever the good sport, just let the fan kiss him on the cheek repeatedly and even hugged her afterwards.

#LifeGoals: Turn this list into a checklist and one day tick 'em all off. I'm coming for you, Harry Styles.