Warning: Benedict As Doctor Strange Is Swoonworthy

We Cumberb*tches must be ever vigilant, for one never knows when our brave and strong and beautiful leader, Benedict Cumberbatch, will materialize in our places of work. Though a phone call warning should definitely be made before any such appearance by the man, the myth, the legend, it would seem sometimes he is not so considerate. Like over the weekend, when Benedict Cumberbatch dressed like Doctor Strange to drop in on people in comic book stores. Sure, it was probably a dream come true for comic book fans to be casually sitting in their local comic book store, JHU Comics, and then have what would seem to be the real Doctor Strange pop in. But what if there had been a high-energy Cumberbitch prone to fainting amongst greatness? It could have been disastrous.

It can be downright impossible to keep your cool around your soulmate/the most wonderful Sherlock ever. But the same man in his Doctor Strange costume may lead some to a swoon fit. And by some, I mean myself. But don't worry, gang, I have compiled a guide to keep your cool when you casually happen to be walking on the streets of New York and see Cumberbatch shooting with his Doctor Strange co-star, Chiwetel Ejiofo (who plays Baron Mordo, a traditional adversary of Doctor Strange). Apparently, that's pretty likely depending on where you live.

1. Breathe

In. Out. In.

2. No, Seriously, Breathe

This requires two steps, because you may take a first breath, but, due to Cumberbath's brilliance, forget a second, third, fourth breath. It's essential to keep breathing.

3. Avert Your Eyes

Just for a second, to reorient yourself. Then you may return to the intense stare.

4. Readjust Yourself

All of your clothing will have become completely askew. Your hair will fall out of it's coiff. Your eyeliner will have melted into oblivion. No one knows why; that's just what will happen. Always be prepared and ready to readjust at any moment.

5. Have A Drink

If you don't carry a flask with you now, you should start immediately, because you never know. Just take a quick drink of liquid courage.

6. Try To Get His Attention

May I suggest a Sesame Street character costume?

7. Breathe Again

Once you've gotten his attention, you might suddenly lose all ability to breathe all over again. Keep trying. Always keep a rescue inhaler handy.

8. Quick! Say Something Witty!

Keep a list of icebreakers on in your phone specifically reserved for Cumberbatch sightings. The English are a witty people, and you don't want to seem like a fool.

9. Laugh Appropriately At His Response

Don't seem to overzealous, even though what he will say will undoubtedly be the funniest thing you have ever heard.

10. Get That Pic

Remember, if you don't get a selfie with him and post it on the Internet, this exchange never existed.

11. Close Your Eyes And Smile

And just like that he'll be gone. But at least you got that pic. And didn't die. You just got Cumberbatched.

I recommend several hours a day of training and preparation for this day. Get a life-size model of Cumberbatch in his Doctor Strange costume so the image of the great man himself doesn't shock you. Be ever aware. This is one moment you can't mess up.

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