These 10 "Wisconsin For Trump" Memes Are Accidentally, Completely Hilarious

It feels like presidential primary events have been nonstop since they kicked off in New Hampshire in early February. It can be difficult enough to keep track of all the Super Tuesday contests, but if there's one event you want to pay attention to, it's the Wisconsin primaries on Tuesday, April 5. Although polls leading up to the primary have projected that Donald Trump will lose the Badger State to Ted Cruz, his loyal supporters there have not given up campaigning just yet. On Twitter, Trump supporters are using #WisconsinForTrump to campaign before the primary, and the memes are hilarious.

The Wisconsin primary is a big deal, and the predictions don't look great for Trump (or for Hillary Clinton). Losing the state could be a blow to their campaigns; Republicans haven't had a vote since March 22 in Utah and Arizona, and a win for Bernie Sanders could give him the momentum he needs to surpass Clinton. Republican presidential candidates have been in Wisconsin for as long as two weeks campaigning before the primary, but that hasn't helped Trump in the early polls. Despite the numbers, #WisconsinForTrump has remained dedicated to spreading the love through pretty hilarious memes and images on Twitter.

Trump Vs. Everyone Else

This is probably the best #WisconsinForTrump meme, mostly because it quite literally looks like the movie 300. Or maybe it looks like a witch hunt. (But that would make Trump a witch, and I don't think his Wisconsin supporters meant to make that kind of comparison ...)

Cruz Kool Aid

This GIF is funny mostly because it likens Ted Cruz to suicide cult leader Jim Jones. #WisconsinForTrump really pulled out all the stops with this one.


As a Midwesterner, I appreciate the quirks of Wisconsin, and understand that the state is obsessed with cheese (and dairy in general). In an attempt to campaign for Trump before the primary, this supporter knew that the way to undecided voters' hearts was through typical Badger State things: a dairy cow, a map that highlights the different attractions throughout the state, and, of course, a cheesehead hat. Honestly, this is probably the most effective strategy to convince other Wisconsin residents to vote for Trump.

Subliminal Messaging?

First of all, for whatever reason, I can only think about the moment from The Notebook when Noah tells Allie, "If you're a bird, I'm a bird." After you get past that, though, I'm pretty sure there's some subliminal messaging going on in this pro-Trump meme. The image actually encourages people to fight for the candidate, and after the riots at the Trump rally in Chicago, that doesn't seem like the smartest choice of words. This image doesn't help disprove the argument that maybe being a Trump supporter is inherently violent.

Wisconsin Women For Trump

This tweet's caption is so ridiculous that I don't even need to explain why it's funny. Trump is the only presidential candidate who has helped women? If "helped" means humiliated and bullied with sexist remarks, and demeaned with misogyny at any chance he got? Then yeah, he's sure been super helpful.

All Hail Saint Trump

Likening Trump to God ("In God We Trust") is maybe the scariest pro-Trump rhetoric I've seen so far. Cruz Kool Aid might not be that tasty, but worshiping Trump is arguably a lot worse.


Apparently, Trump has super powers, which include transporting someone to another place in the world. If Trump is calling a cab for Cruz to head to Canada, maybe we can ask him to order a few thousand more for all the people who will want to move out of the U.S. if he's elected? Asking for myself, not a friend.

Trump Is The "Serious" One

If Trump is considered the "serious" candidate, then we're really doomed for what's to come. This image is elaborate and likely took a decent amount of time to make, so kudos to the user who made this. But in all seriousness (ha ha), those bad guys might not have feared the other presidential candidates, but we'll likely be at war with all of them if Trump is elected president, so there's that.

And Then ... This

Posing with a dead hog for Trump? Sure ...