Harry Styles Was Asked For A Selfie At The Least Appropriate Place Ever

As a fan, I understand the urgency behind asking your fave to pose for a selfie with you. It's the only way to capture such a once-in-a-lifetime moment, photo evidence that you once met your idol and had your moment in the sun. But on the list of places it's socially acceptable to ask for a picture (waiting after a show or appearance, maybe if you see him on the street) there is unequivocally one place where it is never, ever OK to ask a star for a selfie — and that would be at a GD funeral. Harry Styles was asked for a selfie at his grandmother's funeral, his sister Gemma recently revealed, and I am absolutely struggling to find the words that could adequately express my disgust here. How could anyone ever think this was appropriate, ever?

In her opinion column for The DeBrief, Gemma discussed inappropriate times to ask for a selfie, spurred on by a guy who requested a photo with a man who was believed to be hijacking his plane in Egypt. While the thought process behind such a request is absolutely outrageous for most of society, Gemma is no stranger to selfie requests. After all, she explained, she literally witnessed someone ask her brother for a selfie while they were mourning the loss of their grandma in 2014.

Eamonn M. McCormack/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

"My most frustrating personal experience of this was the 'friend’/distant relative at my grandma’s funeral who was trying to bring in her granddaughter or niece or someone to have a picture with my brother," Gemma wrote. "At a funeral. Our grandmother’s funeral. ‘Smh’ doesn’t really cover it."

No, no, it really doesn't. In fact, I don't know whose judgement is poorer here — the "distant relative" who literally brought her young female relative to the funeral solely for the sake of getting a selfie with Harry, or the girl who asked him for the photo in the first place. Depending on the girl's age, she may have not realized it was horrendously inappropriate, particularly if she had her own grandmother or aunt encouraging her to do so. But we must all learn, and fast, that FUNERALS ARE NOT APPROPRIATE TIMES TO FULFILL YOUR OWN DESIRES FOR A SELFIE. Celebrities are human beings with human emotions, and a pretty accurate life tip would be: Don't bother them when they are literally in the process of mourning the loss of a loved one.

It's bad enough that Harry was mobbed by fans at LAX after returning home from the funeral — again, the lack of respect here is blatant — but to have actually taken a moment from your own grandmother's funeral in order to deal with a fan who wanted a photo with you? Why is this even necessary to say? No matter how much a fan would like to say she had met Harry or tweet her selfie with him, there needs to be boundaries here — and Nanny S' funeral is certainly one of them.