Kylie Jenner Covers 'Paper Magazine' & Looks A Little Different Than Usual — PHOTO

While the youngest Jenner is no stranger to gracing magazine covers, her newest editorial is all sorts of amazing. Kylie Jenner's Paper Magazine cover was released on her Instagram today, sharing that the issue will be on news stands April 12.

The April issue's theme is "YOUth" where, according to Paper Magazine, they will be covering the music, art, fashion, and entertainment leaders that we love and deserve to be celebrated. So why Kylie Jenner? Well, as an entertainer that grew up on TV, a beauty mogul and fashion designer, who better deserves to grace the cover?

And staying true to that youthful spirit, the interview that will be shared in the April issue was comprised of questions that were sent as DMs to their Instagram. This is perfect, seeing how the cover looks like an Insta photo. Paper explained, "She's literally grown up on our screens since she was nine years old and, in that spirit, we turned to our phones for our cover story, asking fans and followers to send questions to us via Instagram DMs. In the resulting interview, Kylie shares her thoughts on fame, family and the future."

Should be an interesting read. And if the cover gives us any idea, then the questions should be centered around our idea of perfection and how we want our celebrities to give off that front.

The majority of us put on a face when we leave our apartments and are exposed to possible judgements, and that would only apply tenfold to somebody with celebrity status like Jenner. It might be a stab in the dark, but with the doll-like feel of the cover, the exaggerated features, and the glamorous touches like the silk gloves and the pastel fur, I could be on to something.

While Jenner is the main attraction in the issue, she's not the only creative highlighted. Paper provided, "Elsewhere in the issue, young creatives shaping culture guest edit a stacked collection of art, essays, photos and more; we meet the leaders of the new generation (aka the cool kids we all follow on Instagram); and hang out with the bands and singers whose music provides the soundtrack to our nights right now."

So whether you're a die-hard Jenner fan or not this issue will have something for everyone, filled with art, tastemakers, young entrepreneurs, and go-getters that will inspire us.